Congrats to Dave Anderson

Last night we held our little satellite tournament and David Anderson came in and best 9 others. I got to heads up action with David and his aggression prevailed. Final hand I over-commited with K9 and had to call when he shoved over my raise on me pre-flop. He had A10 of spades. I hit a K on the turn but he flushed on the river. Better hand and better player won. Congratulations David.

He claimed he was getting bowled over by the deck all night but he obviously played well with the right cards. He was on my right and raising in position on me all night. It was a little frustrating. I got plenty of big hands that held to enable me to make it to the final two, so I got nothing to bitch about. Lots of others were getting coolered and Aces and Kings were going around the table like they were going out of style. If it was a cash game it would have been a REALLY interesting night.

Just a little note, I'm off to Chattanooga to watch the Richmond Spiders football team, my team, in the National Championship game. They are playing mighty Montana tomorrow night on the Deuce, or maybe ESPN regular--not sure. Check out football's best helmets if you are channel surfing on a Friday. In hoops we will upset Wake Forest on ESPN U as a prelude to it. Little Richmond getting all kinds of national coverage, with our second two sport "double-header" in two weeks it's nice.

Since I'm traveling, the updates on the sites will be a little slow. I'll be taking my laptop and hoping to blog while up there and will put any news items on here, but will not be able to publish fresh content on


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