What a fun night...

Turned down watching the Pfunk to play poker.
I got some pfunk of my own...

Flop a straight, get it in, he turns the full house. Bye-bye 1 buy-in plus small winnings.

Flop top pair, gut shot and flush draw, bet, raised, brick, remaining chips get in brick. Bye-bye 2nd buy-in plus small winnings.

Pocket Kings. Couple of limpers. I raise. Call, call, call, call. Flop has straight possibilities but all low. I bet. 1 caller. Turn brings a flush draw. I pound it. Call. River is a brick. He bets the rest of my stack. Call. Hello Aces. Wow. I'm not good enough to play them that way. 3rd buy-in gone.
Lose half my stack. In big blind with a table full of limpers. I look at AA. Big bet for our table. 1 caller (dude that had Aces vs. my kings). Then the button shoves. I barely have him covered. Dude that I wanted folds. My aces hold up over his 9s. I say, "way my night is going I thought for sure I'd lose to a set of 9s." Win some more pots. Stackn back up.

Look at pocket 8s ep. I raise, corner of callers... call. Flop is K98. Two to a flush. I check, guy bets. I raise hard over the top. He calls. Turn is a brick. I put out a big bet. He says he's all-in. I feel it in my bones. I want to lay down. Can't. Okay, I call. He flips over pocket 9s. I guess I called it a couple of hands too early. buh-bye buy-in numero quatro

Tex was there. I seem to get killed every time we are in the same casino. This has to change.

I hear George Clinton is good. I wish I had watched him tonight.


Reid said…
Bill - that sounds like a miserable night. I feel your pain; unfortunately, I've been there many a time.

Shake it off. You'll be back strong.
Goondingy said…
Twilight zone my brother...TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!

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