Thank you Gene

I prefer to remain faceless, anonymous, and just the regular average/bad poker nit that I am. Okay, I don't really think I'm a bad poker player (what player does) but I haven't done anything significant yet so, until then I like playing from the shadows. Gene knows this and likes to tease me a little bit with that random picture of that dude... that looks like me. I took it down as I don't want to confuse anybody about who I am. That guy is a fine looking fellow... but I have to say I'm even better looking. Sorry ladies I'm taken. I do have a story where I met a guy who is kind of enough to read this tripe and recognized me, which I'll get to later. Speaking of pub, I'm not sure my bubbling was worthy of front page material for Everybody does it, but I do appreciate Gene giving me some props.

Before I continue to ramble about myself I want to congratulate Monkey for another stellar tournament showing. He's put up some good finishes the last couple of months including his second second place at this circuit event. Last night in heads up, the winner got revenge for losing his set of 9s to Monkey's set of aces, when he spiked his ace against Monkey's pocket jacks to win the event. I thought Will took it well and it was good to see him so deep. Going to try and get an interview from Monkey, I think, as I'm sure it'll be entertaining so anybody with his email drop me a line. Also congrats to Dave Bourg for his cash and Ruttley for a solid run even if the outcome wasn't what he wanted he had to play great to get so deep.

I'm pulling hard for Tex, who has been getting murdered with every permutation of A10 imaginable. He has it, the other guy has it, doesn't matter he doesn't win the hand if A10 is involved. We agreed before the mega to a piece of each other should we main event. After I bubbled, I teased him a bit that I was going to keep my share of him and if I won the later single table we'd have to renegotiate if he wanted a piece of me. Didn't matter cause I'm not playing today. Course I was joking... which, I guess is easy to say now... but I was going to give Tex a piece. Seems I do better anyway when I got somebody side saddle. He got me back today calling from a break with an update and said "A10... I'm out." Didn't know what to say. Any hand but that one. Of course he was bluffing. Last I heard he's still pushing and pulling chips. I might go back tonight and railbird again.

Now, for the poker action... in one of my many sit 'n gos I look down at 44s in the small blind (25-50). I raise to 150. The guy to my left shoves and then covers his face and goes into hide mode. I'm not calling with 4s in that spot so early for all my chips so I show him the pair to let him know I wasn't raising light. He smiled and showed 89 clubs. Then he said he did it because he reads my blog. He's a very good player so I take that as a big compliment. He took eighth in one of the second chance tournaments and I believe won a seat in the mega we played last night. Thanks for reading sir. Not sure how you recognized me with Gene putting that picture of... that other good looking man on here.

Another quick story, I met a gentleman in line for the sit n' gos and he told me he had won 7 straight. What???? How does he avoid the suicide bombers that seem to plague me? How can he win so many races? How does he do it? More importantly, how did he expect me to believe him... 7 straight. My first thought was B.S., that was my second thought and my third thought, and my fourth thought... of course, he won our table making it 8 . . . I . . . guess. He also said on the first one he chopped because "a pro" told him that it was the same thing as winning so he did it and was surprised to see he only got half . . . huh. . . congrats to him for confusing the f out of me.

I finally gave out some beats, and officially join the masses of morons that play at my level , when I did the Jim Donkbox walkaway (fleeing when I had the winning hand). I hate that so much when other idiots do it. I was only happy because it meant I won one more pot but I was almost relunctant to scoop it (and by "almost" I mean completely not reluctant and happy to do so). I was against QQs, I think with maybe, K9 and just focused on looking for paint. I kind of saw the straight but thought I needed one more card, especially after nobody reacted to me giving out the beat on the turn, those kind of groans telegraph the hand. I headed for the door to get called back by two observant players (thank you gentlemen).

Twice I had to deal with the dealer pulling my opponents winning hand out of the muck, once when he was all in, face-up, and she folded him (?) preflop. Of course his J10 made a straight to beat my Jacks. The other was when an all-in players pocket 7s (both red) gave him the diamond flush that again only one player caught and the dealer started sliding the pot to me and the player started leaving. His Jim Donkbox walkaway wasn't as bad because of the dealer's mis-shove. Both times it was the right thing to do but the 7s smarted as that hand crippled my stack in the mega and probably was the difference for me playing today.

I've also been told the guy we thought was David Pham was in fact, not him but another Pham. I've definitely seen him before. He was a fun table mate but I'd probably prefer not to play with him, especially on my immediate left even if he wasn't the dragon. I was kidding him and calling him an intermediate player. I think local poker stud, Fred Berger thought I was being serious as he told me the dude had more cashes than the rest of the four tables combined. Mr. Berger is a solid player and I think I picked up a little something to add to my arsenal from playing with him on my right earlier. He's also a gentleman.

So, I'm kind of embarrassed that I played up being stupid and maybe a little reckless last night in front of nice guys like him. Beforehand, I told myself I was going to go back to playing to have fun and do some head games and stuff, rather then sitting there like a sunglassed rock. Poker is supposed to be fun, and if the destination/results weren't coming my way I was going to start savoring the journey a little more. I started to get some positive results and I think put people on the heels a bit, funny the walkaway fit right in with it--if only that were intentional. Problem was at times I was annoying even myself. Still, annoying and clueless seems to work, maybe I'll continue to let my irritating personality shine. Apologies to those that had to suffer then fool.

One of my goals for this post was to not include any bad beats... and I failed, I see I did manage to slide a couple in there. Sorry.

Alright, good luck to all those playing and congrats to everybody that's had some success this past week, and better luck next time for those of us that didn't.


Goondingy said…
Fred is a good guy, he was at the Final table with me and the Professor in '05 when I took down the Professor with KJ off and we both won the two seats that day. Of course you know wht Gavin did to me during the tournament and I too feel like I was an idiot acting out after that beat...I wish i would have shaken his hand and said well played and moved along but...
I guarantee you brother, that you will hit, and it will be very consistent for you from that point on...Be Cool!

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