Preakness Run- Scrimer

Oh how I love the Preaker.

It's basically 10,000 drunken idiots surrounded by a track where part of the triple crown is going on. The horse race couldn't be more irrelevant. In fact, they could just as likely be defusing nuclear bombs on the track or crushing litters of kittens, the people inside the track would equally oblivious. In my time there I've seen everything, fights, coitus, guys in port-a-potties getting trapped insided when somebody pushed the portapottie on the door (so they can't get out), theivery, hooter-meters, fights, fights, did I mention fights, drunkeness, and everything you'd see at Mardi Gras and then some. One year it rained and it was cold. I started a fire out of beer boxes, to have the police walk up and say "You can do anything you want at Preakness. ANYTHING. But you can't start a fire. So put it out. And keep it out until we are least 50 yards from you." It's been a while since I've been there but I see they've started a new tradition. Good for them.


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