Every once in while, I'll post some weird links around the web, I've stumbled onto recently.

Iran is questioning the legtimacy of a bronze battle mace top that they thought was 2000 years old. Why? Because it looks like the head of a mortar. Like from the 1980s and fired at their neighbors the Iraqis. And we are worried about these guys building a nuclear bomb?


After stumbling onto the Tehran Times, I looked around a bit was surprised to see the most viewed article was this one...

tehran times : Stanley Cup returns to Ice Belt

Yes, the most commonly viewed article on the Tehran Times is about NHL hockey in the U.S. and Canada. I'm completely flummoxed here. Is there an Ice Hockey program in Iran I should know about.

While I'm bashing the international world, I found this nugget from Mexico...

Mexican donkey jailed for ornery behavior - Yah...

Short story donkey got ornery and they put him in jail. Yes, people jail. Yes, he's a real live donkey and not a poker donkey that sits across from you and makes bad plays left and right. Though there should be a jail for them, especially the ornery ones.


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