--First, as always the Pokers.  Nope... just kidding a couple of far more interesting stories:

1.  .  Got a scout come to my door to see if we would let them use our house to film a Kristen Wiig movie. You might have heard of her, at least for her work in the underrated TV show Joe Schmoe, I mean SNL. Or that huge movie MacGruber, I mean Bridesmaids. Btw, I love that TV show Joe Schmoe. Genius reality TV. The scout came in and took pictures of the place and told us, we'd get paid for the service plus our house would be in a... Kristen Wiig movie. Then came two days of no phone calls..Like the 13 year old girl hoping for a call before the big dance, we were frazzled, disappointed, heartbroken and listening to Air Supply on the radio, though thankfully we were relatively acne free.

Then, two guys break into a house a couple of streets over from us.  Want to case a joint?  Have I got a cover for you.  Tell, a dim house owner you want to put their house in a movie.  Film all their possessions.  Return and take your favorite possession.  Nothing to indicate one had anything to do with the other but you never know.  And for the record, I did take the guy's credentials.  And by credentials I mean his easily forge-able business card.  It was impressive.  I also admired his collection of crowbars, lockpicks, and lifting belts in the back seat of his car when I walked him out.  Just joking.  Though it was weird that he tooled around town in a fork lift.

2.  Recently, our parked car got hit.  We've been driving a rental for almost three weeks.  Finally, the body shop agrees to see me today.  I come in and fill out half a piece of paper.  And they make an appointment for the fifth.  What did I go all the way across town for?  To fill out a sheet without much more information then you'd say on an answering machine.  Ridiculous.  Plus, the rent-a-cars smell like smoke.

3.  I don't always grow a beard for my Halloween costume but when I do...  I go as "myself."

Okay... back to the pokers...

Chopped a weekly at Harrahs.  Have done all right in cash games, too.  Trying to improve but feel a bit of a dog.  Oddly, felt most comfortable in a really deep game with a lot of regs that was the only one open this past Wednesday.  I probably was a target but I ran pretty good.  Had to call a stiff river all in with a jack high flush on a paired board and two opponents.  Not usually a good spot but felt good and listened to my gut.  Made a couple of big lay downs.

I misplayed Queens pretty bad and got paid off in a large multiway pot when I raised a bettor (who bet big preflop and post) and his two callers on a ten high flop (with two to act behind).  Kind of turned them into a bluff there.  

--So envious of those in Hammond right now.  Wish I could be there.  Good luck all.  Looks like it will be another big one.

--Phil Hellmuth.  Legend.  13 bracelets.  Guy is a boss.  Been watching some old clips of Phil recently.  Even when he was bad he wasn't that bad.  Looking at his tournament winnings over the last five years or so, the guy is great for a dude that supposedly "lost it."

--Got my Full Tilt email basically telling me to file a claim with the DOJ to get my money.  Got that shortly after I was told, also by email, that as part of the PokerStars purchase of Full Tilt, they didn't have to pay off Full Tilt's debt.  Yes, the old Full Tilt owes GCP money.  Not pleased.

--My friend is doing a Chinese Poker app.  We'll have something on the front page.  I'm eager to learn more about the game, an app is a great way to do so.

--Non-poker stuff.  I missed the Presidential debate and when I got home I turned on Fox News.  They said Mitt won.  No surprise.  After ten minutes I went to MSNBC to hear about all the Hope Obama inspired in everybody.  Wow... never seen MSNBC go after one of their guys like that.  He must have been beyond bad.  Will try to watch the VP debate tonight.  I think Biden is going to come out with Zingers but I feel like Ryan will be ready for him.  Could be a verbal blood bath.


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