Mixed Bag

-In a mere three days, I lost seven followers of my blog.  Maybe they  didn't get that I was joking about the Jonathan Vilma thing...  wasn't making fun of him, but moreso messing with the guy from ESPN on the witch hunt.

-Lots of folks having nice scores recently.  Ashly Butler can't run any hotter.  That guy wins the coin flip when he shoved and a guy accidentally called him thinking he only raised (see gulfcoastpoker facebook page for link).  The double up gets him healthy again and from there he makes a World Series of Europe final table.

Darryll Fish wins the High Roller event in the LAPT in Panama.

Trishelle shows up in NOLA and wins a weekly then final tables a WSOPE event.

My buddy Jeremy Halaska took down an event where they did a threeway chop and he got the most money and the first place trophy though he signed for third.  Great deal in my opinion.

And big congrats out to Gene D.  Glad I bought a piece of his package.  When we started to trade shares I felt like I ran a little better than Gene.  I didn't keep track and it could have just been a mental illusion.  Whether that was fact or not, the tables have certainly turned as of last November.  We each had a piece of the other in the 1k event last year at the IP.  We both final tabled it, me going out eighth or so and him unlucky to finish second.  Nice... score for me.  If that didn't make things lopsided enough, he didn't play the Main Event where we would have traded the same share and I hit for second.

He bought a piece of my package in Vegas at this years World Series and I ran like Chris Farley in a marathon.  Then he goes to Coushatta and I return the favor and he finishes fifth for 15k.  Again, things are tilted WAY in his favor now.

I chopped a weekly at Harrahs of my own.  While nice to finally ran good (and I did) it still feels small compared to all the other winning going on.


Martin said…
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