Chopping Broccoli

Harrahs had a whopping 92 people show up for the Saturday Donkley creating a prize pool with 2.5k up top.  I ran good and got to three handed where we chopped.  Previously, (last Saturday?), I made the final table and this young Brazilian refused to chop (and he won it).  I like the guy and had no issue with him not chopping (hooray for him winning it), but during the negotiation it seemed like only one player was against the chop.  He was silent.

When the other player was talked into it (think we were going to chop four or five handed--can't remember) because everybody had about five big blinds he spoke up and declined saying he just wanted the experience of playing it all the way out and it wasn't about the money.  If that was the case, I'd rather he let his intentions known earlier because I played some hands differently then I would have.

I know some players believe they have such an edge on the weekly players that you should never chop even if it's three big blinds for everybody.  They must run better in coin flips then I do.  Because, nobody's folding so if you don't catch a hand, or flop one, you are toast.

Anyway, with a much bigger prize pool, I didn't mention chop and nobody else did, although the blinds were catching up to us.  I eyed the Brazilian and told myself I wouldn't chop until he busted.  Again, no ill will, but I was playing to win this week and as he got short, there was no way I was going to let him get a bigger piece of the spoils.  So he busted fourth when he got called by a guy with 10-5 preflop (yeah, the call was most of that dude's chips so you know the rest of the play was purely going to be flipping coins).

Blinds were about to tick up again.  Time to chop it up 1800 a head.  Yum.

Some random thoughts:

*Have been the world's most interesting man for Halloween.  If you've been wondering why I grew the facial foliage, now you know.  I look forward to trimming the mess soon.  Pic above.  Some of that gray is my own.  Most is baby powder.  Lots of fun to just quote one liners of this guy at the party and afterward.  Had some originals.  I think I took a spin on the character like the annoying ultra-over achiever.  Any opening was fit for him to brag, "I never fill up on chips," "I never seen a red light when driving," etc.

*Worried about friends and family in the path of Sandy.  Looks like it could be bad in many areas ill prepared for a Hurricane.  Hopefully, it's a dud like most East Coast hurricanes have been (it appears the opposite will be true).  There's an uneducated small percentile that are among the 50 million people in the sights of this storm that always say "Why Rebuild?"  "Move" and "It's your own fault for living there" after every Hurricane hits the gulf coast.  For those morons, my sentiments are exactly the same.  Yeah, no place is really safe from mother nature (earthquakes, flooding, landslides, volcanoes, blizzards, tornadoes  hurricanes, lightning etc), maybe now you'll learn.  For the 99% of the others that have brains, sorry for the snark.  For all you, including the idiots, good luck in the storm AND the aftermath.


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