Weird Day at the Beau Part Two

Then he bets a brick river card for less than half of my remaining stack and left me 1600 behind. Nice value bet, jive Turkey. The Internet kid and the donkey sneer at his play and whisper "Yeah, he's got the goods but you have to call at this point." Suddenly, as I relieve myself of additional chips, the fat Brit chick Adele starts singing in my head, "You could have had it all." I call. He shows 6-6-6.

I dispiritedly throw away my hand. I grind a short stack until almost the dinner break. The guy next to me had been in my ear for three levels about my resilience in folding, basically teasing my patience as my ammunition marched away in blinds and antes... yeah I know I'm under 10 blinds again. The pimply faced Internet kid in my brain is throwing a fit.  He and a disapproving Dan Harrington are telling me just to throw the chips in. 

Then the guy next to me seems to make it a chorus.  I'm thinking... Yeah, I know it's sucks for you that you don't want to put in a raise and have to either fold or play for my stack I get it but could you just shut-up...

I've survived this long I'm not just going to throw them in there either. He bore a striking resemblance both vocally and follicle-ly to the bald short dude in the Princess Bride. I found it challenging to make sure he didn't drop poison in my coke. He was somewhat funny, so he wasn't intolerable. If I had a bigger stack I'm sure I would have found him more agreeable.

Finally, I have some good fortune. I win a few flips, he runs into my Aces (and folds) and I got a stack of about 30 BBs. I can play again!

I lose some chips playing hands that I just wanted to play. Needed my participation merit badge or something after watching the game all day. Felt like I was a stop motion camera as they'd play hands and I did nothing but observe and take mental pictures.  Then suddenly to have chips all I wanted to do was to splash.

So, I look down at pocket Jacks and bet. This player goes all in over the top. I miscount his chips and quickly call. I think even if I did count correctly I would have called but it was marginal enough and he had shown down only premium hands when shoving that maybe I find a fold there. He had AK and I finally lost a coin flip after winning them all day to stay in. Then I get pocket Jacks again. My stack now below 15 BBs,

I hear the Internet geek inside say throw them in, of course the Donkey tells me to just throw them in every hand, so I finally do.

A capable player who I think ended up making the final table. Looked me over and asked if I had a big hand. I could see him studying me like I study others. Not sure what to do. Do we go false tells or not. I shrug. 10s, Ak or AQ. I'm ahead of all them I think, I'll take a call. But do I want another coin flip I'm due to lose a few more. He calls with AK. Splop, I'm walking away by the turn.


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