Dead Money NOLA table 2011

Recently wrapped up the Dead Money Poker Tournament satellite table #1 in NOLA.  Our table only had seven players after a couple of late drop-outs but we played it out with a little higher buy-in for the seat at the final table.  The aggressiveness of my wife's cousin, gave him a lot of chips early on, and I thought maybe an inside track to win the seat.  I also hit a few hands and connected on flops, that I've recently been missing, to chip up. 

He's a player I don't like to mix it up with in some respects because, I can't ever seem to know where's he at, which is a credit to him.  We dueled in one big hand where I probably should have extracted more money if not for a fear of where he was.  Usually, he does the betting for you so I was going to let him inflate the pot.  I raised with J10 suited, from the button he said "I'll play with you, Bill."  Forwhatever reason, I thought that meant he had a big hand.  Trapping with AA or KK was possible but in retrospect less likely.  As I held a J and a 10 in my hand maybe I should narrowed it to queens.

The flop hit J109.  I started to bet but I had a feeling he'd do it so tapped the table.  He put money in and I check-raised him.  When he smooth called, I didn't like it.  Again, knowing him, I should have probably known I was okay.  I imagine he'd push back with KQ, KK, or AA.  When he just called it shouldn't have scared me as much as it did.

I checked the turn, he followed suit.  The river, another brick, and I mulled over my options, I didn't really want to stack off with two pair, this early and a ton of play, so I didn't really want to open the bettting and fold to a bluff if he pushed back.  I checked with the intention of calling a river bet.  He checked behind with QQ.

Shortly thereafer, and for whatever reason, probably socializing after exiting the hands, I was surprised to see Parfait and T.O. slim on chips when they went out early.  Missed the pots they lost.  Five handed saw Lee get short and saw the short stack Dave A rise from the ashes.  Lee got knocked out and it was four of us with me a shortish stack.

Blinds were getting a bit heavy so I shoved AQ, K2 (from the small), and then KJ suited from the button in three out of four hands I think.  Probably a mistake.  Dave woke up with AJ on the last one and after some deliberation called for almost his entire stack.  In retrospect I had enough to just bet and not shove.  I should have known with recent history he was going to call me lighter than normal and KJ is in trouble against a variety of hands.  Flop was dry and c-bet might have taken it down.  Oh well.

Later my wife's cousin made two pair vs. Dave and Dave made a straight to end his night a little too early.  Joe C was heads up with Dave, and had very quietly accumulated a lot of chips.  I was talking too much to follow the action but ironically saw a final hand of 1010 vs. Ak for all the marbles.  Ironic because we had been discussing a hypothetical situation of when you'd call off your stack as a small favorite in a coin flip and when you wouldn't the example we were using was saying you had pocket 10s and somehow knew for sure your opponent had AK.  Pretty lively debate in all the situations you would and would not do it including deep in cash games, in tournaments, etc.  Lots of opinions on that.

Obviously, heads up without knowing both those hands will get it in pre.  AK flopped two kings and turned an Ace for Joe to win it comfortably with a full house.  Congrats to Joe.  Will have to get an update from him about the hands he was involved in.  Very happy Joe qualified as he's played a lot of these satellites over the years.

Congrats also to local pro David Nicholson who also won a tournament with AK on the final hand.  Course Nicholson won a WSOP Circuit Main Event for 150k against almost 500 players so his was probably a little sweeter victory.


Goondingy said…
Sorry I missed it sounded like FUN! Get my message?

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