The Future is Now...

Computers talking to each other.  Fun, stimulating conversation there.  The beginning of the end?

Here's some links that interest me:
  • Minority Report is here.  Predictive software on supercomputers are capable enough to predict riots, revolutions and civil upheavel.  How long til people have to spam the internet to run interference on the next spot of revolt?
  • That's Levitation Holmes.  From the folks that brought you invisibility cloaks now comes flying carpets.  There is something called Casimir force and the science behind it is quite interesting if you like quantum physics and metamaterials that theorhetically could make levitation happen at a reasonable expense of energy.
  • David Einhorn gives up the Mets.  You remember the poker playing donating to charity main event winnings hedge fund manager who was going to save the Mets, seems he's given up that pursuit.  Also, seems like the gild is off the lily in his day job too.
  • This one goes to 11.  Harry Shearer is a funny man (I liked him best stuck in a pod in Spinal Tap). He's also a smart man, that cares about New Orleans, his article on why you shouldn't be too happy with the Army Corps of Engineers yet. It is illuminating like a T-shirt of green bones.
  • To be the best you have to have you spouse beat you.  Even if you don't like wrestling you have to read this engrossing article about the styling, profiling degenerate wrestler.

Had a few good cash sessions in a row.  Still feel like I run terrible in cash despite being able to wait for godot.  Somehow turned a profit after watching two and three outers nibble at my stack again and again.

I folded this hand on the flop and regretted it. I had 109 of hearts. Flop was Kx9x8h. Bet, call, and I folded, but I was priced in. Literally, as the cards were leaving my hand I was thinking why fold I might be able to take a big pot. Bettor and caller are pretty tight but overplay top pair and nothing.  I knew if I hit a card that gave me a ton more outs, I might be paying off a big turn bet to see the river. Turn was literally the card I visualized hitting to tie me to the hand. Obviously... 7h. Bet, call. River 6h. They both got it all in on the river, each with over 400 in front of them and me with more than that. Umm... farts.


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