Harrahs New Orleans and othe bullet point items.

*Delighted to hear the big numbers that lined up to play today. That's always encouraging. I'll be in and out throughout the week. I'm anxious to get back to the felt. The last time I played I got called by a lady in the big blind, when I shoved on the button after two limpers entered the action. She took forever and then immediately turned over her raggish hand... with two others yet to act. The first guy folded and the next guy who took in her hand was priced in. He hit a Jack and I hit the bricks. Likely if she knows those guys are still in the hand she folds and good chance the others fold too. I put that in my bad beat folder. I really only consider happenstance outside of the cards as bad beats. The cards are predetermined so if runner-runner is coming it's coming.

*Have my parents visiting and find out the sex of my second child this week (with a party) so I will be busy. Making it harder to get back and forth to uncle H. We've opted to ask the attendent doing the scan to put the sex of the child in an envelope. Then we will give it to my sister-in-law who will bake one of two cakes. One with blue inside and the other with pink. I'll be happy with either, but I think my son wants a brother and I got a feeling there is another boy coming, and I'll have blue teeth on Saturday.

*Saw Thor this weekend. Really felt like a mismash of two movies. On one hand it was grand in scale and spectacle on the other it felt like a dated 60s sci-fi movie with a small desert set. There is this giant Norse Gods as Aliens battling Frost Giants as Aliens on blue-screen (green-screen) that consists of a stark otherworldly battle and monumental floating architecture. Then, the story-line in New Mexico that felt small. I'd recommend watching it in 2d as the decision to make the movie 3d was made after it was shot. Not much there for the extra monies. The Thor actor is a break out star in all liklihood, and I have to admit I'm kind of looking forward to the Avengers movie which will unite Thor, the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America (though not really looking forward to that film), and some other side characters. Could be the biggest movie ever.

*Alright those are my thoughts for the day...


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