Busy, busy week

Okay here's what I'm covering:
*Have a second kid and the sex is...
*My parents in town (+excuse for paucity of GCP updates)
*Go, Go, Go Brian Heptinstall, BJ McBrayer et. al.
*Mega tomorrow

So, I've been swamped with a lot of good things recently. This past weekend I found out what sex my second child is going to be. For those that bet on pink... good job. As I mentioned on facebook I've determined that 26 seems an appropriate age for my future daughter's first date. The wife has already gotten a couple of outfits. It seems I was born without the gene that finds anything in a baby size automatically cute. Maybe it was a chromosone. Whatever. Still it was fun and exciting to find out what my new housemate will be even as I will have to endure another 17 years of shrugging and saying "Yes, that's really cute."

My parents happened to be in town, despite my urging them to come any other week, one that wasn't the Circuit Event at Harrahs. The good thing was they could attend the party where we cut the cake and found out about my future daughter. We asked our sonogram-mer to put the sex in an envelope and my sister-in-law baked a cake with the right color. So we cut it and saw pink. But to be fair we aren't 100 per cent that we'll have a girl as the lady said there 75% chance it's a girl. I understand giving herself some wriggle room if she's wrong but 25% or so, seems high.

My parents come down like a hurricane in the best possible way. They essentially decide on a project to do in the house, we have a hundred with this fixer upper, and then they tirelessly complete it. I'm embarrassed at how hard they both work. Their "vacation" or visit consists of just doing stuff. Next time they are down I'm going to insist they do something more grandparently like go to the zoo or sightsee.

Still, for four days I was busy working with my dad. So my apologies for a lack of GCP updates. I was in a bit of a ToolTime black hole. As a result we have two new pieces of furniture. Course when we picked them up, we had to remove (and reinstall) a railing to get them down a flight of steps and just to carry them we had to take them apart because they were so heavy. Saying yes, to an armoire and a chest of drawers seems all to easy, in reality it was goodbye Sunday.

My pops also basically rebuilt the vanity in my guest bathroom. I, also, am lacking the fixer upper gene that enables him to tackle any task and fix anything. It's hard to go play a poker tournament or sit down at a computer and update the site when he's going 100 miles an hour doing stuff for us. So many times, I'm just the nurse holding the correct tool for him. So I'm incredibly lucky, grateful and blessed. Hopefully, I'll be able to do the same (or the equivalent) for my adult kids one day.

It's day two of the $1500 Main Event and friend Brian Heptinstall is still in the top 10 in chips. I'm so happy for him. I hope he can at least make the money. He's a good guy, as evidence by by him recently volunteering in Tuscaloosa for a few days, and potentially in line for a nice payday. I'm planning on showing up tonight to root him on for a little. Other guys, like BJ McBrayer from Tuscaloosa and Allie Prescott from Memphis are in the top ten too. Hope to see another Gulf Coaster make that million dollar free roll.

I'm planning on playing tomorrow in the 1k mega. I have a friend who won a couple of single tables and wanted to back me for half the action. I plan on crushing the thing even as I try and sell the other half to some of my friends in my annual "fantasy poker" event I do for my nonpoker friends. Basically, I give them a sweat with texts throughout the day.


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