Break out the Bubbly

So I played the nightly last night, which I think is a pretty decent structure. It's basically the turbo weekly at Harrahs with a couple of extra levels thrown in. I was patient but it was not to be as around 230 am I finished 11th or 12th with 8 getting paid. Hands were nondescript. Played well and only had two or three hands go to showdown. My kk found qq for one double up but that was the biggest pot I played. Fortunately, my table image allowed me to steal long enough to go deep but I never really had the chance to mix it up too much. I didn't really make any mistakes so I don't regret too much. Would have liked just a little more cards in position but oh well.

Anyway, I'm adding a new label for my posts which is Donkey Chatter. I hope to keep up with this in the future, here's the first installment, which I think will be good. Last night I was in the bathroom and I overheard a guy talking to his buddy or the poor sap that happened to show some sign of interest to be burdened with this bad beat (?) story.

First guys says, "It's a brutal, brutal game." I'm thinking phew, just missed hearing that story.

Second guy, "Oh yeah, wait til you hear this one." Damn. "So, I slowplayed pocket 8s" At the time, I'm thinking I must have misheard him and he must have said pocket Aces, but as I was pissing and had the misfortune of hearing the entire tale I'd learn I didn't mishear him. "So, I just call. And this guy near the button called and this guy in the big blind called too. Right?"

Can you slowplay pocket 8s? And don't you check from the big blind?

"So the flop comes 975. The big blind checks it. I bet. The other guy folds and then the big blind raises me all in. I'm thinking whoa I got a pair here. You know six gives me a straight and another 8 gives me trips." Slowplay pocket 8s?

Other donkey goes, "Oh you got to have the best hand with them eights and that draw."

"That's what I was thinking. So I call all in for another 420k." What? These two were clearly in the noon event. At this point they were just about to break for the night with about 27 left. So, this guy had survived about 440 people. A guy with 420k that thinks you can slowplay pocket 8s and calls off his stack with second pair and a gut shot. Man what kind of havoc must he have caused yesterday when he got spanked by the deck. Kind of like a blind guy scoring goals on a soccer field. Possible if the ball deflects off him.

"You know what that guy had? He had a 9. What are the odds top pair, and he had a flush draw."



"Brutal. This is a brutal game."

"Right? He has a nine there. Of course, the one card that beats me he has."


Anonymous said…
You should have wrote about the prestigious call u made on me when I over bet the pot on riv and u called me wth mid pair. Bastard.
Anonymous said…
No talk of the river call u made on me with mid pair? over betting is a no-no against this guy people! Dont do it!

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