Harrahs flame out.

Today I played at Harrahs I had KK popped a raise and folded to AK after an Ace hit, he showed. I had QQ and folded to AK again, after a K hit. I thought he might have KJ but he was convinced AK was good. I don't know why people get married to top pair top kicker. They radiate strength like they got the borderline nuts. Not that it mattered, but it made it easier for me to fold. I walked into dog poop, again, with pocket 88s by betting only to get a guy with AAs going grossly over the top all in. I folded. I thought back to Gene D laying down 88s last night to me in a similar situation. I only had AK and just min-raised but I was short stacked enough I was prepared to get it all in. He laid down thinking I had the type of hand my opponent had today. Middle pairs are so dangerous.

Then I had AJ and raised, only to have KK go way over the top all in. I folded. Short stacked I reminded myself I always go deep in the Wednesday tournament after bleeding chips early but this was definitely a snakebit kind of day. I flop two pair and somehow save myself money when a loose caller hit his higher two pair on the river and inexplicably didn't bet into me after I gave a passive check prepared to call his bet. I wondered what he had called me with on the flop and turn.

This was just after a guy with the higher full house (one jack) to go with two jacks and two twos on the board flat called and didn't raise the river. The other guy folded either a two or an Ace. Strange. Same guy flopped the nuts on me and checked it after I checked in a multi-way pot. He min-checked raised me on the turn as I bet top pair (he had the flush) and the rest of the table got out. Great, I was so short I was commited considering what was in the pot. River gave nothing. He bet 500 and I had 600. I knew I was beat but the pot was laying 8 or 9 to 1. I decided I'd call but refused to throw in my last chip even with the break upon us. Ten minutes later my 10-7 didn't win vs. A10. Oh well, better than the bubble I guess. When I got my parking card checked, they asked if I wanted a seat at the cash tables. Not today boss.


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