Digg... And Suck

Considering I'm a partner in a website, a blogger, and an internet junkie, I'm pretty naiive about a lot of things internet related. I'm adding Digg to the site and to my blog. Feel free to digg us. Will probably add some RSS Feeds and all that other crap that is on every other website. Not sure what that does for us, except publicize Digg, newswire, etc. If anybody wants to fill us in. Feel free. What's the best service, is it worth it, etc. etc. Why should we have all these little boxes on our site.

As I should always try to work in some poker on a poker blog. Here's another hand I sucked out on. I try and track them all because like Mikey Matasow I think Gene and I get run down more by bad players with bad hands then anybody else. As people that think that are incredibly annoying I'm trying to convince myself that is not true.

As a tight player sometimes I have to make a stand, especially when my blind is getting attacked relentlessly. There is defending and just being stupid. A guy picking on me raises my blind 5x (again) and I say f'it with 10h9h hearts. I come over the top all in. He insta-calls (oops). Hello, Aces. Flop is 910x, turn is x but puts the third spade on the board and gives AsAc flush outs to go with pairing the board. He hits his flush, the dealer doesn't see it and starts to push the pot my way. It's pointed out to him, he shrugs and starts to push it his way AND starts to muck the cards. I stop him pointing out the 5th spade also made my boat and that pot was coming back to me.

Moral of the story, I can be just as dumb as the next guy. I would couch it with the fact, I was making a move and not calling off all my chips, still I sucked out and got my money in bad.


Leora said…
Great work.

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