Dead Money Tournament

Amped up for the Dead Money Tournament. We have a table in Houma on Tuesday and the last chance Friday. I've come in second on a qualifying satellite more times then I care to remember. However, I've run pretty bad on Houma's tables not even making the top 3. I'm hoping to end my little slump as it's about time for me to play on a final table.

In the years past we've had some talented players win this event and go on and do admirably at the World Series. We've probably had some prevail, at least as far as making the final table, where luck might have had more to do with it than anything. This year for the first time we have a returning overall champion defending his crown, again beating his table Captain: blogger Shoats, in heads up play. Both years Shoats had a chip lead, though last year it was only 10 to 1.

Speaking of good runs, three years ago Shoats made a final table and finished in the top 3. Speaking of returning players, Austin Martin, another GCP blogger, though he's about 2 months overdue on his next post, has made the final table in every possible fashion. The first year he won a table. The next year he won a last chance table (beating me heads-up) and this year, he came in second BUT his winner can't make it so he's got the place in his stead.

Also returning are Dan R. and Brad F. from last years final table. A table captain who has kept coming close but never made it, David "Here's a couple of" Achers finally prevailed this year. They'll be joined by a slew of new faces but again we'll all be chasing the dream. Two more chances for me to make it happen. Look forward to seeing all you guys in town. Same location as last year.


Reid said…
Bill - thx for the heads up about Friday. Hope I can make it.

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