Licking my wounds...

Tough Friday night in southwestern Louisiana.

Had a blast at the United Way Acadiana Series of Poker. There was a great opportunity to play for prizes and it was an entertaing field interested in having fun. Those that didn't make it really missed out on a well-run tournament and a great facility.

My strategy was simple. I thought there was going to be a lot people being a little too aggressive with their rebuys as a plan B and the blind schedule gave me enough time to wait around to snap them off.

I made it through the rebuy period, doing just that and doubling up on some big hands: AA, and AQ (vs. AJ who called my button semi-bluff). I had plenty of chips to make it through the first night and I was glad to see at my table the best hand for the most part was holding up. Well, with one exception. A gentleman kept getting it in bad and kept sucking out (44 vs. AA). Though he kept overplaying his hands to see flops but if he didn't hit he'd get out.

I look down at 10-4 suited on the button. There had been a few limpers, including the older gentleman. I decided I'd isolate him with a raise. If he'd check the flop I'd steal all those chips. My raise was enough to get out the other limpers, who realized I'd only shown big hands. The older gentleman of course called. Flop came J104 with the two hearts. Old guy sez, "All in."

I deliberate for a little bit. Ultimately, I decide he must be on a weak Jack. I call. He has Jack 7. Turn is another heart. River is another heart. His jack of heart takes the pot with the runner runner flush.

Sweet. Later that night I end up at Lake Charles and overplay top pair top kicker AK (hit my A) vs. a set and then I make a preflop repop to a lag raiser with AQ, guy after me calls, initial raiser folds and I hit Q44. I bet, get raised, reraise, he shoves the rest of my now short stack in. I call like the donkfish I am. I knew I was beat and expected KK, maybe A4 suited, and then I was thrilled to see he called a big preflop reraise with 6-4 o/s.

Fortunately Tex had a big night so it wasn't a total loss.

Today Gene and I have another meeting concerning the website so let's hope the beats stop coming.


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