New Years Money:

My sister got married New Years Eve.  She and my father danced to a slowed down version of "Sweet Child of Mine."  As one of my friends remarked that would probably be one of the top ten things he never thought he'd see in his life:  My dad dancing to GNR.

Thought the wedding went great and I'm really happy for my sister and her new husband.  The took the Flu with them on their honeymoon so it probably wasn't exactly what they had in mind, but while in New Orleans things went well.

Wrote a New Years letter.  Pretty positive response so far.  Tried to be outlandish and shocking as well as boring and proud.  Think it worked.  The boring part.

Played New Years Eve after the wedding and once again ran well.  I think I'm four of five lifetime on New Years Eve at Harrahs.  Ran pretty good so can't crow about the skill in involved.  Anyway, at the Beau Rivage now.  Played the first event as part of a package I sold to my friends.  I'm blogging right now so it must not have gone well.  Fairly card dead.  Thought I played well in a couple of spots and made a bad call in another spot.

Anyway, longer update next time.


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