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First off I want to congratulate friends, accomplices and acquaintances who had great weeks.  I know Monkey, Gene D, Benton Blakeman, Shannon Shorr, Martin Tyson, BJ McBrayer, Tim Burt, Claudia Crawford, and others all cashed in different parts of the world.  Choctaw, LA, Borgata, Bahamas and Biloxi it's been a busy week and somebody we know has been going deep everywhere.  Been afraid to do an update on the site because there is so much to update.

As for me... 

Again.. a recap email sent to my friends who bought pieces of my package for the Heater:

The Million Dollar Heater, aka the Hundred Dollar Cooler, has finally gotten some heat into it.  A min-cash in my most recent event is a positive sign for the satellites before the Main Event.   A couple of near misses in the nightlies also foretold a thawing in the halls of the Beaus. Sunday, especially late Sunday night held a lot of promise.  Unfortunately, it didn't deliver much financially but it could have... onto to the drama.

As I mentioned in my Vegas package, to which the same rules apply for this, I held out the option to trade percentages with players.  To our net gain we had 10% of Eugene Dudek in the $150k Guarantee.  What that means is if you have 10% of me, you'd have 10% of that 10% (or 1% of Gene).  If you had 5% of me then you had .05% of Gene.  Gene was back on day two battling for the 35k first place prize. 

There were a ton of other accomplished players who got that far and for a while it had the look of an all star shootout, for the region.  Several big name favorites flamed out as Gene made the money.  Short-stacked he weathered time and time again until he got to the final two tables.  I didn't look at the pay jumps, but I knew from experience each time he cleared a hurdle as the tables were breaking. 

It was a work-out as I played all day Sunday finally picking up my first bit of momentum in the series.
Unlike the World Series, the last time I sold a package, where my big hands got murdered, or anything I got flopped got run down (with usually some idiot bluffing all their money in), I've been experiencing a totally different type of "cooler."  Just sustained state of being card dead.  Really, I only survived in most tournaments when I created money out of nothing.  I'd fizzle out when I got played back at and gave my opponents credit for real hands.  It never turned.

I kept nursing short stack after short stack and would invariably lose all my all-ins.  I got too involved in a hand where maybe I should have found a fold on Saturday.  The board three flushed and I had a guy on big draw with the Ace of spades going to the river.  I made him pay for the draw and a five double paired the board.  No spade and the wheel didn't get there obviously.  I had an overpair.  He shoved.  I went through the hands he could have only two kickers with the Ace of Spades beat me, and one didn't make sense.  Thus, any card he would have played that way, but the one he held I could beat.

I nursed a short stack for a few levels again and exited.  Earlier in the week I flopped a set of fives and got it in on the flop only to see my opponents aces make a set on the turn.  Not so fun.

That brought me to Sunday.  I posted an early tweet saying I was winning the tournament.  On that day, cards weren't going to matter.  I was going to be aggressive, not impatient, but aggressive.  I wasn't going to create enough chips to survive, but I was just going to create enough of them to thrive.

Invariably, I ran good, and didn't have to magically manifest chips (which is only a strategy of absolute desperation when card dead).  I had hands and they got called and they held.  In my first big pot, I had AA.  I called a tight player preflop one off the button.  I thought his tightness might get the blinds out, and not reraising would disguise my hand.  I took a while to act, as I also considered the fact he played so few hands he might hold a really big hand that I should reraise.  We got one player coming along.  My two black aces saw a King high flop with two spades.

The blind checked, and the tight player C-bet. 


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