Vegas Day 1:

Yesterday, I flew from New Orleans to LA to Las Vegas.  Going to LAX of course I was star sighting.  Sure enough I saw Thor's brother, who my wife tells me is engaged to Myley Cyrus walking around with one of those beanie type hats.  I identified him as d-bag first and then I saw it was a word class d-bag.  Thought that was it for star gazing but then I got on my plane and was walking back to economy class when this petite, rather pretty lady starting walking against traffic toward me and first class.  Huge sunglasses and a hand covering her face a little bit.  Hello Paula Abdul.  I stop at the open seat to let her in, even as others struggled past her.  She didn't say thank you.  

Maybe she was worried I'd recognize her voice (she's right that verbal honey would instantly take me back to her immortal duet with Skat Kat ).

Then I'd be able to see through her watermelon sized specs and identify her as Paula Abdul...  Or maybe she's just not polite.  I found it humorous she sat in the last row of First class and her personal assistant was just behind in the first row of coach, and had to poke her head around a curtain just to talk to her during the flight.  Yeah, nobody could figure out her disguise, or rather a desperate act of somebody hoping to be identified by appearing as though she doesn't want to be indentified.  When we disembarked they stayed on board and P.A. put her hand over her face like she was shading herself from an imaginary Sun or suffering from a migraine as everybody walked past. 

Last night, I met up with Brian H. and Mike Durbin.  After checking out the Rio, watching a bit of the 50k Players Championship, we ended up playing a little late night Pai Gow at Bill's to get a couple of "free" beers.  Instead of it costing me $25 as I joked, I actually finished up.  We were with some young dudes from Wisconsin who were hitting on a couple of girls at our table.  One dude was having a birthday and talking about taking pics with $25 chips on his naked chest, and dreaming of doing it with a black hundred dollar chip.  He went on a run and got his black hundo.  He was funny.  

The girls were interesting.  They asked birthday boy to stop smoking because one of them was "preggo."  Neither girl was married.  Seemed like this trip was her last jaunt before single motherhood "overwhelmed" her.  I don't think Mike grasped she wasn't altogether thrilled about her situation.  Saying "Who comes to Vegas knocked up?" even when trying to be funny fell flat.  I reassured her that being a parent would be awesome and not to be scared etc.. etc.    

The interesting thing was the girl's friend apparently wanted a baby inside her too, but to her chagrin the drunk boys were missing her obvious, overt singles.  "So I'm reading, 50 Shades of Gray."  "I want to try everything in that book."  "Let's get back to talking about 50 Shades of Gray.  It's awesome."  Then when she whispered to her friend "I haven't had sex in forever" in a voice that was more a yell then a whisper, I did two things first I thought "well your friend obviously has had it recently" and looked over at the objects of her affection as they chit-chatted with the Pai Gow dealer and missed the obvious.  

Mike and I excused ourselves to get a good night's rest for poker action today.  Would love to know how the night end for our Pai Gow buddies.  then some bad news.  When I got back I discovered my mother is in the hospital.  That's no fun.  Seems like she's recovering from some severe abdominal pain and will be out in a couple of days.  Must have been bad as they gave her some sort of morphine twice.  Prognosis is good.  They were visiting my brother and his wife.  Which is good because my sister in law is an M.D. that is doing rounds at the hospital my mom was admitted at.   

The good news today I start the package.  By a small sampling of twitter thoughts it looks like I will be playing a deep stack event today at 2 at the Rio.  I think it's ~$250.  First place is about 40 to 50k.  If necessary, since it is a rentry for the first couple of levels I may fire a second bullet.  I will also go ahead and buy my $1500 seat for tomorrows bracelet event.  Stoked for that.  Everybody is complaining about the 4500 chips but that just like the weekly donkly I play at Harrahs New Orleans, I'll be comfortable with the starting stacks.  

Anyway, I'll be doing chip updates on Twitter.  My phone is blowing through its charge so I'm not sure if I'll be doing facebook too.


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