Bit ands Bites

Bits and Bites:

*Did another blog recently....

What poker players do you think match up best with the movie Avengers?

I feel like I should have included Loki in that list after the fact...  Course I had Hellmuth as Iron Man though he might work as Loki especially with his verbose speeches and villain persona.  Or, for those with a rich knowledge of poker history or have merely read the book:  The Professor, The Banker, and the Suicide King, perhaps Andy Beal.

He's the man that singlehandedly tried to take down a cabal of poker's elite.  Ivey, Brunson, Harman, etc.  That group would make a pretty good Avengers circa 2000.  Any other suggestions?

*Played in the Mega That Wasn't...

With the promise of a Main Event seat, and a chance to go to Vegas to have that guaranteed for my package buyers I went to Harrahs on Sunday to basically play a two table tournament.  I ran into Kenny Milam's lesser holdings twice and got bounced. Once he shoved with a gutterball, though he misread his hand and thought he was open ended.  I made a good call with top pair thinking him on a draw, also aware knowing the reentry period was about to end.  He did hit a draw, runner, runner Flush.  Whoops.  The other time I open shoved with A4 of spades, Kenny called from the BB with 107 of spades.  By the turn he had a full house.  Later in the cash game I flopped a straight with Jc10c on a 987c board.  I bet, got raised and shoved.  He asked if I had a straight then stewed call with a set of 8s (?).  He had quads on the turn but I had a one outer for the bad beat jackpot.  The 9c didn't come but I did improve to a flush.  Lol. 

*Essentially sold out for my Vegas package. 

I'm stoked.  I wish we had slightly more chips in those 1k and 1500s I'm playing but I love my chances in those and the Main Event (especially) if I can satty in.  I think I play well against the soft underbelly of the massive WSOP field and can hold my own once it's just good players left over.  I think many of the better players only experience playing with a certain segment of players just during the series, whereas The Harrahs weekly is filled with players who have no chance of winning the tournament (ie most of the WSOP fields).  Course there are another 20 to 30 per cent who can play. 

*Whoops, did it again, I don't mean to disparage other players...

I generally hate it when players talk about opponents stupidity or lack of knowledge, but I feel I like I've been slipping and doing that a bit more recently myself.   Who am I to say half the field in those Harrahs weeklies can't play.  Though, it is a statement of fact and no surprise the same people are always down to the last two tables, it doesn't need to be stated.  Just makes me look like an ass.  Nonetheless, accurate or not I want to reign it in, because who am I to  criticize and also... 

*I follow a guy on Twitter who is from a Gulf Coast state, and he essentially only tweets to insult all the morons he's surrounded with on a daily basis. 

It must be so hard for him to suffer fools.  He's always the smartest person in the room--at least he thinks he is.   I know he's had a big score that got some TV time, and he's friends with some elite, elite players although I wouldn't quite put him up there yet.  Of all the people on twitter that I chose to follow, and follow because it might be GCP newsworthy he's singularily makes me shake my head once or twice a week and mouthe "What a D-Bag."  I don't want to ever be anything like him, and belittling opponents even as a group is a quick first step to being that guy.  So, when I do it again, please call me out on it.  I think I'm unfollowing that guy next chance I get. 

*Euro Championship

What's not to like.  Two competive sports events everyday for two weeks.  Highlights:  Andriy Shevchenko two goals as an old man in a Ukraine come from behind win.  Kind of like the Swedes as a rule so I didn't like them losing but gotta root for the guy getting it done for a small country at home.  Think of all the greats who played for little countries that never get to play on the International stage.

Action has been entertaining and besides one or two dreary affairs, England's pack it in effort, the tournament has mostly been fun. It'll really pick up in the knock out stage.

Alright good luck everybody.  Countdown to Vegas for me is 16 days!

Oh yeah, got two more available patches for sale...  It's getting nitty gritty time.  Will take best available offers! 


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