Run Good, Play Bad, Run Bad, Play Good, Run Good

Been some ups and downs.

In Chester, I made it to day two of the Main Event.  I picked up two or three hands and ran one of them AA into Kyle Cartwright's AA for a chop.  Won a pot with KQ.  Folded to three bets when I led with air twice, and got my dwindling stack into the middle against a player who is a YouTube viral video star.  He promptly flopped a boat or quads or five of a kind or something outrageous and I about fell out of my chair and was out the door.

The good folks at pokernews included my presence at the table when dubbing it the Table of Death.  Nice compliment.  Wish I didn't have four to five guys that could play, on the last table to break, from the get go.  Bad luck I guess.

One other note from outer Philly.  A player who final tabled it the Chester Main, David Linster, an entertaining and gregarious player almost had me derail his run when I contemplated getting out of hand.  He opened and got four callers, two from total stations that would punt their chips within the first couple of hours.  It got to me in the small blind and I looked at A7 suited.  Considering the diet of bad cards I was on it looked like the nuts.  I almost shoved really thought about, feeling like only had to worry about him having a hand but maybe had the three aces as outs.  I didn't shove (what a wuss).  An ace hit the turn and he won with pocket queens against one of the stations.

NOLA has been an mixed bag of results.  I played good then punted my chips.  I played bad in a couple of events, then I ran bad.  Starting off running bad and playing bad in sit 'n goes but thankfully righted the ship a bit to keep my budget for the week in check.  Bubbled a 5pm that they would chop which was painful.  Funny enough it was QJ suited. As it was in this next story.

Finally, played good, and was rewarded for patience with a little run good until I ran into a girl who has had some success in poker.  On this hand, I think she got out of line a bit and ended up sucking out on me.
Course, I deviated a bit from my normal lines and played a big pot with an unknown (at the time).  Here's the action.  Folded to her in small blind.  She completes... looks weak.  I glance at QJ suited and know I'm ahead. I put in a stiffish raise.  She eyes me like she thinks I'm trying to bully the girl or something and calls.  By the way, you know I can ever beat a woman in a pot, so I don't even know why I bother trying.  They are unbluffable, guess they are so used to men feeding them bullshit they just by default doubt everything.

Anyway, flop is queen high with two baby spades.  She checks.  I bet.  She fires out a weak looking big stack of chips.  I know she doesn't have AQ, KQ.  Could have two pair but would she play it like that?  I don't think so.  I feel she's got a weak queen and I way ahead or maybe a flush draw.  I jam.  She insta-calls.  Gulp!  Bad read Bill.

I throw my cards up in the air in dismay, sheepishly turn them over thinking she's totally outplayed me.   We are thirty from the money and this pot would send both us to about 80k more than double average.  How could I blow up this stack with top pair and a medium kicker.  She shows Q7.  One pair, 7 kicker.  I stare in disbelief and look at the board to see what I was missing.  Nope.  Nothing.  Instacalled with top pair 7 kicker.  The turn puts another spade and some straight outs there but I just waiting for the 7 to hit.   The river to me looks like a brick but when she celebrates I see she four flushed me.

Later I'd see her down to two tables and in the money.  Gene D told me she has some results.   Bad beats don't bother me, in fact, if a guy tries to bluff off his chips and gets there oh well.  Fortune favors the bold right... or something like that.  But when folks try to call off their chips and implode, but get there it's very difficult to say nice hand and tell everybody good luck.  I think I did that.

In last night's mega.  I was the last person to buy in.  And immediately, halved my stack and played from behind.  I would be short all night.  I got involved in a series of doubling up all in pre flop hands that were suck out, resuck out, and reresuck out, but just took me from short to medium short.

A weird thing happened too.  I heard the players ask the tournament director if we could merge to two tables and play ten handed rather than the 6, 7, and 7 we were at.  Being the shortest stack I thought sweet. I had just gotten coolered shoving an ace into a bigger ace in blind v. blind.  I of course hit my kicker and he rivered a straight.  Then I look at A5 from the button.  I think maybe I don't have to jam because of the redraw that it sounded like Troy was going to grant.  F'it I got no chips I put it in there.  The same dude who coolered me before shoves over the top with AJ.

Garbage flop.  Jacks going to play.  The turn and the river both pair the board and we chop.  Lol.

On the redraw my luck turned.  I got the 9 seat with the button in the 10 and these were my first four hands:  AA (double up).  AA (blinds and a limper).  Yes back to back.  AQ folded to an open from Gary Freidman the guy that finished second last year in the main event.  He said he had queens.  I've played with him before and think him tight so I don't mind the open fold.  JJ (raised folded to a shove) guy said he had AK.  Then a couple of hands later I'm talking to Gene and there are five limpers out there.  I see AK and shove.  The guy to my left insta reshoves.  I tell Gene...  I just got coolered.  Sure enough Aces.  Board runs out a straight, lol, for a chop.   Talk about running good.

Then, with there being a couple of short stacks left in the field, one says he wants the $800 for 14th because he can't play in the Main.  We lose a different guy at 15th.  He then gives everybody back their $20 we put up as a save (???) and then the other short stack does indeed take the cash.  Seats for everybody.  No save.  Running real good.  Maybe he thought it charity.  I'll gladly take my buy-in back on any tournament when I bubble, I don't care if I'm playing a $10 tournament.  Money is money.

Hope that kind of luck continues in the Main tonight.  I know it can't but if I can just avoid Q7 offsuit and the bad luck I like my chances.


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