Chester continued...

Fourth place seems so far away but I did myself in by writing to be continued so let's see.

Before I get to that...

Something tragic happened.  In the tournament I finished 11th in, this sweet lady won.  This morning she found out her husband had a heart attack and died.  My thoughts go out to her.  Terrible.  She needed points for the freeroll, she got them and more by winning a ring, and then gets the worst possible news.  I know everybody in the room felt for her when the story circulated.  She played great and accomplished her goals and now none of that matters to her.  Gross really.

I got to the final table and saw Joe H, Peter Ippolito and a few other good players.  I was on the left of Joe and Peter so I couldn't complain about my position.  They got big stacks and mixed it up with each other.  Both flopped trip jacks, Joe with a king and Peter with an Ace and that was all she wrote.  Somehow the table eliminations rocketed one after another with every short stack getting the boot.

In my final hand I looked at KK under the gun.  Raised and smooth called by Peter in the big blind.  Flop is Kxx (with the x's being clubs).  Peter checks and I check behind.  My thinking at that point was my stack couldn't get him off a flush draw so if he had that and got there... oh well.  Betting would only cost me value one way.  If he didn't have a flush draw, he might need to catch up so why not check.

The turn is a gross club.  He leads and I shove.  He calls and is stymied when I say do you have the flush.  He knows that his AA is likely beat.   Okay, though another club on the river gives him the winner.

Been discussing this hand and I have a couple of friends that say I could have folded to the four flush on the river if I just called the turn.  Ugh... I don't see how he could bet anything but my stack on the river.  I also think  he bets the four flush even without a club so I have to call.  Also, if he shows up to the river with a garbage club because I didn't shove the turn... that's just gross.

What that critique is really useful for is that my plan on the flop was just if one club got there not two.  Though, shoving the turn almost 80% to win isn't exactly a bad spot.

A couple of days later I finished 11th in another $550 buy-in.  I got off to a good start and then somehow bluffed off my chips in a spot where AK called and probably couldn't beat anything.  I just got moved to a table (bad time for a bluff Bill) and called a guy who was under the gun with 35 suited.  He had a lot of chips and I wanted to double up if I nailed the flop.

I land open ended with the flush draw.  Yum.  He bets I call.  Another guy calls.

Turn is J.  He checks I bet other guy folds he calls.

River is a Q.  No flush.  He checks I bet he calls.

I muck he shows Ak.  Not sure he can beat any hand I have except for the one I had.

Tonight I finished 5 or 6 from the money.  I played bad late.

I even limped folded while short stacked in the blinds with a player that was clearly good enough to shove.  Umm... what was I doing there.  I should have just shoved.

I called on a four straight board when I rivered third set.  He value betted with the bottom end of the straight, the jack completed.  Afterward, I asked about it, more if he was value betting me or his hand.  What kind of hands does he beat that call him?  A small debate ensued with some calling it thin and others asserting it's standard.  I felt like a station.

On hand I played well today, was KK.  Early on with a stack I opened third time in a row, I got called by the button a good player I seem to keep going deep into $550s with.  Flop was Q9x.  I cbet he calls.  Turn is an 8.  Bet call.  River is K.  I check call his J10 value bet.

Some meta game going on there.  He remarked I must have a big hand to open three times in a row.  I felt he had to have something.  Not likely he was set mining as he would have played back at me on the flop when he hit.  He knows I'm committed.

Turn shouldn't be gross but my radar went off when he called.  I think some thought I played badly checking the second nuts there but if I'm wrong I can get weaker hands to bet that might not call and I can just lose the minimum if I'm right.

My final hand happened when I ship it with KQ after the CL leads.  He calls sheepishly, showing suited 34.  He flops open ended with a flush draw and pairs his three on the turn.

Kyle Cartwright, Allen Kessler, Bryan Devonshire and several other good players were still alive.  Would have been fun to play if I had some chips.  Would have been fun to play if I had played better too.


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