Long time, No blog...

Back when I was a "promoter" over a decade ago in Washington DC, I'd start off emails to invite girls to a party or an event with "we never talk," at times it would be weeks between email conversations and much like this blog it would be solely my fault. Sometimes, the "we never talk" would absolve me from weeks of missed or unreturned phone calls. So, I say to you "We never talk."

This last couple of weeks for me have been a bit like the first time you successfully surfed, you kind of see the wave you want coming, then suddenly the wave is upon you, it takes you, it's a rush all happening at once, and then you are spat out. After the ride you've traveled much farther than you thought you had.

So, has been true for me. For those of you who are facebook friends you've seen some snapshots of me in exotic locales, but no explanation of why I was there. So, I've decided to come clean. I'm a much better online poker player than I've represented and under various handles I've kept private to myself, I've killed it. Only problem was online poker just got hit by Black Friday and suddenly so did my bottom line. What to do? Well, move.

Yes. About two weeks ago, I had a conversation with a friend of my brother, a man that owns condos in various corners of the world. We talked about the state of online poker and how fortunate I was that I mostly played on stars. He said to me, why let the government dictate to you when and where you can play poker. He does business when and where he choses. If the law is heavy handed in one country he'll work somewhere else. If I valued online poker as a profession I needed the same attitude and commitment. And, he stressed, even if I thought online poker was coming back to the states in a year, why not move and keep playing until then. Who takes a year long unpaid vacation.

So, having been to Mexico twice in college, and it being close to my wife's family, I did some research about Mexican citizenship and working as a foreign national. No surprise my brother's friend clued me in to a great place to live on the Beach in Cancun (one that has already withstood hurricanes and a condo he was looking to unload) and I quickly booked a flight to Mexico.

In short order, after a few whirlwind tours, and scouting of the locale, I've reach the conclusion, I'm moving to Cancun.

I've often represented on this blog that I play live tournaments for money and online ones just to stay fresh. Quite the opposite is actually the truth. I get bored playing online as often as I do, and I actually play live tournaments just to break the monotony. I play low stakes live because after a day the inactivity is so tilt inducing I often slip up out of boredom. I must confess I've had at least two accounts, one a I represented as GCPWildBill at the lower stakes MTTS, and others that play nosebleed cashgames.

I've never told even my friends about my poker "greatness" simply because I don't want to deal with constant requests to back people or to consider new business ventures. I've taken the Sam Walton approach to life. Be rich but live humbly. But now, as it stands, as I'm leaving town, and I'm shutting up shop, it's almost a relief to come clean. Fear not GCP is in good hands as I'm letting Gene D take over all of GCP and moving south. Though, he is considering selling the site to DonkDown, an overture we've refused countless times in the past.

I'm headed to Cancun, with one live casino that has two electronic poker board tables, and a sweet room with a beachfront view (yeah, that's the view), with mulitple screens of legal online poker, and a rocket internet access. I'll see ya'll in paradise, or if you ever get online poker back on the Internet.

Just kidding.

I'm not big on April 1st/April Fools jokes as they are too obvious, I guess I prefer July 1st jokes. Truth is almost every part of this post after "we never talk" was mostly b.s. just like it used to be in those emails to get girls to come to our bar crawls, parties or events. Though, there was more than just a few facts in that fiction.

Obviously, I did go to Cancun, but as a writer for a travel type magazine and the offer came up mere days before I went. The wave analogy was at least true. Before I knew it I had the offer, agreed to it, was on the flight, and suddenly I was in Mexico exploring the Yucatan peninsula, and just as soon I was back home.

It was a lot of fun and a great opportunity which may lead to others. So I haven't moved to Mexioc... yet. But now, I'm back on the site, and the updates will come faster and more furious as the WSOP winds down. And, my next blog post will include the reality of my trip.

Don't hate me because I lied to you. It was just a joke. You know like when I said that shirt doesn't make you look fat, but your man boobs sure do.


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