The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

--The Good. Sweated a lot of Gulf Coasters over ESPN2 and the internets in the main event the last couple of weeks.

--The Bad. Ben Mintz, David Diaz, Claudia Crawford, Shannon Shorr, Fred Berger, TK Miles (and more), all went out before the November Nine.

--The Ugly. Ryan Lenaghan and Sam Barnhart got to within a table away. Got to be heartbreaking, though six figure paydays have to ease the pain a little bit.

--The Good. Min cashed and chopped the Donkley recently.

--The Very Good. The chop was seven ways when we had over 90 people last saturday.

--The Bad. Prior to the chop had these finishes, 16th, 13th, 11th, and 10th. Yuck.

--The Ugly. One of those days compounded the loss with a bad day at the cash tables.

--The Good. Harrahs is adding a Tuesday night tournament starting August 5th.

--The Bad. It's a rebuy.

--The Ugly. If they are doing it to increase cash games on an off night why create a format where everybody will pour their money into rebuys instead of into 1-2 or 2-5 games?

--The Good. Probably going to get a new computer.

--The Bad. Because the motherboard of my old one is fried.

--The Ugly. I've been using my wife's glorified calculator since then and don't have any of the software I need to update the site, or do a slew of other things, I do on a daily basis.

--The Uglier. Will have to acquire all that software all over again. If the hard drive is lost, I lose most everything.

--The Good. Selling two cars.

--The Bad. Now, our neighbors won't confuse us for moderately priced cars of the early 80s collectors.

--The Ugly. Have to deal with car dealerships, and buyers.

--The Good. After a week of tantrums a few weeks ago, our son seems to be back to his normal cheerful self.

--The Bad. Terrible twos are looming and so is the addition of a baby sister.

--The Ugly. He's already jealous of the items that are for the baby and not for him. Uh-oh.

--The Good. The yearbook, much delayed and much anticipated, is back on the table.

--The Bad. Putting together 64 pages of glossy content that folks will want to advertise in and be in. Will be a lot of work, but I'm confident we'll be really happy with the finished product.

--The Ugly. Black Friday.

--The Good. Shannon Shorr, Bella Donkey, Poker Monkey, Kai Landry and Sofa King all have put up WSOP blogs in the last week or so.

--The Really Good. Those blogs. All worth the read.

--The Good. Finally found a place to make us some patches.

--The Really Good. Will probably bundle them with the Yearbook. We will presale and might include T-Shirts too. Going to lean on the readers a little bit to make this happen.

--The Bad. Patches are expensive.

--The Ugly. Like way more expensive than you'd think. Anybody know where we can get a deal let us know.

--The Good. USA women's making the World Cup Finals.

--The Bad. Everybody's new female athlete sex symbol, Hope Solo's skin on close-ups.

--The Ugly. That remark above.

--The Good. Japan winning. No offense to our women but that is one game I don't mind dropping. I said before and during the game it felt like Japan was on a bit of a Saints do it for New Orleans run. When all we could do is hit the post or crossbar on many of our shots it felt like it was going to be Japan's day. Bend but don't break.

--The Bad. American media and sportsfans. When we pull off a great upset (Miracle on Ice etc) it's a bunch of college kids rallying together for a common cause and playing above themselves one day. When we get beat by teams demonstrating that kind of spirit, we never give enough credit. On some days, other teams are just better and want it more. That final was far and away the best our ladies played all World Cup. We lost on penalties. Great job ladies. If you were "chokers" you wouldn't have beaten Brazil in the same format.

--The Ugly. The weird "the ladies are getting a pass because they are ladies." It's just a transparent way to pile on without piling on. The media called 'em out for choking and then get to call 'em out for choking again by saying everybody's handling them with kid's gloves and nobody is calling 'em out for choking... what? As Hope Solo responded on ESPN, "umm, no we are hearing the criticism, people think we choked."

--The Good. Ben Lamb.

--The Bad. Phil Hellmuth questioning Lamb in many regards (suddenly the Poker Brat has morphed into a passive aggressive Brat?) even as Lamb manages the Main Event minefield Hellmuth couldn't.

--The Ugly. Ben's scowl at other players.

--The Good. Phil Collins.

--The Bad. Phil Collins.

--The Ugly. Phil Collins', the singer, silence about the run Phil Collins, the poker player, is making.


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