Kronum! A new sport that you need to score a 50 on the Wonderlic to understand

The subtitle of this post should be: I brag about achievements in a sport nobody's heard of or plays and then mention the video above...

I love games, and odd ball sports. Lots of fun to play. Handball, variations of dodgeball, even ultimate frisbee, you name it, I'll enjoy playing it. One of my favorite games is a variation of football called Hardyball. In that you can forward pass from anywhere on the field. You have six total downs to move the ball downfield. It's a blast. Though nobody quite understands why, but two of my favorite team athletic moments were on a Hardyball field. And before you mock me as an athlete, I was quite accomplished in soccer (I know, I know) but it was in an area of the country that took soccer seriously.

Anyway, in Hardyball, memory number one was beating an All American Championship subdivision QB and an All American receiver, on a team of football players (Hardyball was touch otherwise we would have been mauled) in intramurals. We didn't just beat them, we crushed them. Part of it was they thought they'd just line up and play football, where there is much more to it. And no blocking so the QB couldn't just sit back and throw an out every time to the guy that would blaze past us. So fun, to see how frustrated they were to be losing badly in a game they thought they'd be winning by the hundreds. Actually, quite a lot of strategy in drawing up plays that are unique to the game.

The other was somehow winning a playoff game, shorthanded. In a variant of a game that is essentially keepaway with endzones and downs, being a man short should be impossible to overcome especially against a good team as our opponents were... Even sweeter was the team sent pledges to go buy a victory keg before the game was over and we came back to win. Maybe we should have asked them for the keg. The stranger the game a gym teacher or intramural program would come up with the better.

That being said the game in the video looks fun, but why bother inventing it? Where are you going to find (or better yet, put) a Kronum field? Whose going to buy expensive Kronum goals? How can this game grow when it's so complex kids would have to take a class, and you know how much kids love class, just to figure it out. Baseball, soccer, cricket, basketball to a degree, football, and most team sports you can kind play a dumbed down, stripped down version of anywhere. Not Kronum. It's almost laughable in its complexity. Still... would be fun to play.


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