1 For 2 in Poker Tournaments Last Weekend

Heard the numbers were down for the IP, so I targeted the Friday night tournament as a good one to play. It worked on a number of levels. I figured it would be one of the bigger fields, it was, but that's not saying much, and I didn't have to find a babysitter. My wife, who is pregnant again, teaches and takes classes at night. Yes, she's a hard working lady and I'm lucky to have her. Still, I'm often with my son and getting away is harder and harder. Considering the price of gasoline these days maybe I'm lucky to not be on the road as much.

So, Friday night worked out kind of perfect as my wife doesn't have classes on Fridays and I was able to get away and get to the coast on time. I played the 6pm and we got I think 76 players. I would end up busting around 16 or so. They paid eight. I actually got into a spot, that I'm growing accustomed to, I looked down at a card and felt this was the hand that would send me packing.

I told myself if the pot was unopened to me in late position I was shoving a short stack. A tightish player limp with not many more chips than me. I thought about it and looked at the other card... a six. I thought I could get the tight player off his limp so I shoved anyway. First card was a King by the way. The guy in the big blind had just gotten to the table and made the right call.

It got back to the limper who stewed and basically saw how bloated the pot was and he shoved for the rest of his chips. I wasn't in too bad of shape as they showed A10 for the big blind and Aj for the limper. A jack hit the flop, a 10 the turn and no king on the river. Just once I should listen to myself and fold when that spidey sense hits my head. The structure was pretty poor as you got only 3k or 4k in chips. There were a lot of short/medium stacks when it got to two tables and coin flips were going to decided who made the money. I made the trek home after the three or four hours of play. I saw the nooner had 40 people in it, and the 4 pm, had 8. Think Rodney Shows took down the 4. Some good players in that "final" table.

On Saturday, I ventured to Harrahs and had a crazy tournament. Expected a bigger showing with the French Quarter Festival but I'm learning those big events actually keep more people away than they pick up in random tourists. .... I'll get to this tournament in my next post...


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