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First off I want to say congrats to Captain Ron who cashed in the same event as I did at the Beau. I believe he came in 10th. For some reason he wasn't listed on the front page of GCP with the other local finishers. We'll get that information up soon and fix it. Also, Captain shoot me another email I couldn't find the one the other one in my email box. My address is wildbill @ g(ulfcoastpoker).net. Without the parenthesis.

Saw the Captain take some brutal beats on Wednesday. Unfortunately after he left I seemed to catch his second best-itis and it turned into a grueling, rough, rough day for me. In the tournament I watched Ron get out-setted in two out of three hands and that was rougher than anything I felt.

I did a lot of folding when my opponents picked up better hands and I figured it out on the river. Course when I tried to bet to win the pot, turning formerly made hands into bluffs, I didn't have much luck with that either. Kind of hard to bluff a guy that hit the card he was rooting for. No, much better to felt him when that card did nothing for him.

Don't want to turn this into a personal bad beats log so I'll only mention one hand, not because I lost it (basically a flip) but because my opponent didn't realize she had won. That's always fun. I flopped top two pair and got called by an opponent who was open ended with a flush draw. I had one of her flush outs to make it as close to a flip as you can get 50.2 to 49.8.

She hit her straight and thought she had lost. She still didn't get. I almost feel like if people can't tell they won the hand they don't deserve the pot. That was the final straw and I went home. Now when I redo the odds if she didn't realize she had a the straight draw (must not have to miss that she hit it) then I think about the fact she called a huge protection bet with a 9 high flush draw.

The action was thus: I checked the flop. She led out. A third opponent min-raised. I shoved. She insta-called. Hmmm. Don't know if I would do that with a 9 high flush draw--might be drawing dead. As it turned out she made the right decision even if she didn't know it.

Oh well, whining over. To look on the bright side I got money in good a lot, folded when it was in bad and had a bump of misfortune. I did get frustrated and lose a bit more money than maybe I should have. Would have gotten up to go except the wife asked me to win a little extra yestereday because she needed some new clothes for a charity event for her school. Don't know if that was a good thing or not. Definitely kept me from leaving as soon as I would have wanted.

I played with a guy from William and Mary, and early on I got the best of him (go Spiders), then he moved two seats to my right and owned me. Whenever I'd steal and he wasn't in the hand he'd give me a wry smile. Whenever I'd try to steal and he was in the hand he either have me or bet me off my hand.

I decided to only play pots with him in position, after too often I got caught with marginal holdings in the blinds facing a raise from him in a limped pot. Frustrating day to say the least and as my frustrations mounted I think I played too predictable. Congrats to that guy because when I left he was up over the 2k mark and still ginning.

Actually funny moment, I went to call my wife on the public phone as my cell died two hours earlier and when I came back his stack was down to 300. I was stunned, I looked around the table to see where his money went. The one kid that could put a dent into it (but not a 1700 dent) didn't have the chips. In fact they weren't anywhere.

Did the guy really try to pull 1700 off the table... 1. Why? and 2. How are we supposed to miss that move. Then I saw a chips in transit button and got it. When the chip-runner returned with a stack of blacks, I really got it.

Having a big stack is fun (no shit, wow that's insightful--me on a proofread, yeah I do proofread this and still make this many mistakes). People would semi-bluff into him with check raises on the river and he'd call with third flush (four to a flush on the board) and be good. Or he'd look at his piles of chips and shrug and put in a stack of 100, calling with second pair when his opponent had third.

Calls I don't make even when I'm sitting on a pile that big. Kudos to him for doing and for running so hot for let's see 8 hours.

The Champions League started on Fox Sports, one problem is Harrahs wasn't showing it on Wednesday... just ESPN. Used to enjoy playing and having a football (sorry soccer game) to distract me when I wasn't in hands. Also, afforded me some bets to keep things interesting with table mates.

Speaking of soccer, Ronaldo, (Christiano... the Portugese one) not Ronaldo (simply Ronaldo the Brazilian one whose weight changes like Oprah at an all you can eat buffet and vomitorium) scored two nasty, nasty free kicks for his new team Real Madrid. He does some sort of toe-ball top of the foot thing to the ball that makes it dip--that nobody else does. Maybe it's the new balls allowing them to curl and curve in different fashions (probably is and he's exploiting it before anybody else) but if not he's invented a new way to kick a ball in a game... that has solely consisted of kicking a ball and is hundreds of years old.

That's pretty remarkable. It'd be a bit like inventing a new pitch (and though I don't follow baseball I've heard every "new" pitch is just a slight variation of an old one). There are only so many ways to hold a ball or to kick one. Here's one of his.



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