Great Situation but no Traction

Once again I chaffeured the wife to a charity ball and then did the noble thing by parking across the street at Harrahs and killing time at the tables. I sat down in a newly opened table which I wasn't too pleased about at first but when I saw the group I didn't mind the lack of money.

There were four or five guys together who had been out most of the evening and had some money to burn. They were all from the same home game it seemed and all overplayed A rag and all made bad calls and were willing to splash around some money. I wasn't going anywhere.

Then the two kids that could play at all, and actually did everything I hoped to do sat down to my right. Sweet position on the only guys that worry me. To me left was a guy who should have come from the same home game because he overplayed anything resembling a hand but couldn't lose. Case in point he ran a bluff (???) with King high betting on all three streets and would get called down and... win. Later he chopped a pot, where he played the board at showdown but exposed his king (two pair on the board with an A) which resulted in an opponent complimenting his hand and mucking his own(?!?!).

So, in short it was a great time to win some money. Couldn't ask for a better table.

I bided my time waiting for my AK to hit an A and get called on all three streets by a guy holding A4. That never happenend. Nor could I get two pair or any kind of hand on an Ace high board. I couldn't count how many times the home game players would bet at an Ace high flop, c-bet the turn and river, and one guy would show say A9 (in the face of a scary board) and another would dejectedly flip over A4 like he got coolered when it was all said and done.

Well, long story short I had as much chance of connecting with a flop as I do a customer service rep not working in India. It was a painful night. I made a couple of thin calls with scary boards because of glaring tells on my opponents part but other than that I just bled off blinds.

I dumbly, ran a bluff on a guy, with an Ace on the board. I had raised in late position with suited connectors. Checked to me an I c-bet. He called me on the flop. At that point I have to give him an Ace. We check-check the turn. On the river when a couple of draws missed I put a big bet out and he called. Yeah A9. I think my patience had worn thin and I tried to generate money out of nothing. Back to poker school for me.

I reminded myself the gameplan was to punish them for overplaying A9 not to pay them off with it. Anyway, I won my final hand of the night when I made two pair on this board AKQ10. Four players in the hand. I had Q10 and obviously couldn't get any more money in the pot than we had preflop (not that I wanted to until I saw Arag, Qrag, and 88--who thankfully started the preflop betting with a scared overbet).


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