Word has it that Phil Hellmuth...

Will be arriving today in a tank. You'll remember last year he showed up in racecar gear, he was supposed to be in a racecar but crashed it the day before. He also had 10 "babes" on either arm. Guess all the models were taken up by the expo because even in the land of showgirls several of them barely qualified as babes. Today he's supposed to be dressed like Patton and they are supposed to be wearing camos.

You gotta love the guy. His sense of self-promotion is better than just about anybody else out there. Johnny Chan always grabs some TV time behind the final table, usually peddling his water and energy drinks with his branded stretch T-shirts, so I'm sure he'll come up with something this year to have him in the ear of one of the guys that's gone deep, but that's about it for self-aggrandizers. And still, Hellmuth is just a little bit better at it than Chan.

Hellmuth has mastered the walkby conversation that gets him face-time on ESPN. He did it to Raymer, he's done it on just about every type of poker show, and Youtube is rife with clips of him going postal for 5 minutes because he knows it's 5 more minutes of TV time. I think when I qualify for my first main event, I might hire my own marching band, get some bouncers to carry me on an Egyptian style throne into the Rio. An absolute nobody, but I bet I get some TV time.

I belive Seebok, Madsen and Gavin Smith last year had something along those lines tied into their prop bets. Evy Ngyuen had a guy dressed up in a toga fanning her this year until Jack Eiffel told the guy to beat it. Don't know how he even got in under the ropes. Hard to miss a guy in a toga with a five foot palm frond sneaking by you.

Well, today I'm hoping to sweat the monkey. I might be putting the updates here or on his blog if we get them. Nice to have somebody to cheer for. If you guys know any other Gulf Coasters we should be tracking give us a heads up. And happy belated 4th people.


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