Better Poker Player Tony Parker or Chris Paul?

I don't know the answer. Better point guard is almost as interesting a question, but any sports fans knows you have to be smart to play the point and both guys seem like shrewd tacticians with a penchant for anticipating the play before it happens. Certainly an asset for an aspiring poker player..

What I do know is the point guard of the Spurs is a really nice guy and enjoys poker. In fact, he makes me completely reconsider my French people are rude stance. Just the opposite. Why? Because he suffered some idiot in Vegas on his bachelor party challenging him to a heads up game where he had to put up 500 to win a 1000. His wife, dressed like Phil Laak, though it's hard to hide her kind of beauty no matter how big the hoodie, was also tolerant of the idiot. The couple were very gracious even after many other people would have suggested that the lout isssuing the challenge be removed. They just wanted to play some 2-5 and have some fun. Though the challenge was accepted IF the lout won the Caeser's tournament outright. He bubbled. Anyway, I have no idea who the guy was that kept interupting their night though I hope they got a laugh of it as they seemed to be doing.

In a weird concidence I was in Vegas on my bachelor party and will have details soon about the entire trip. I also have a couple of autographs though the only legible thing on there was Go Spurs. Sorry to my future wife who is a big Eva Longoria fan.

Anyway, more to come.

oh... and go spurs until the next time I see Chris Paul at Harrahs.


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