Tunica II

Thought I'd discuss a crazy hand I got in a Horseshoe tournament. It was rebuy event so I think this made the following more likely but it is probably the first and last time I'll knock out 5 players at once.

We start off 11 handed and the table is playing pretty wild with everybody digging deep into the wallets for multiple rebuys. I like this, as my strategy is to sit and wait for premium hands and get paid off (I r smart). I start off like an idiot when I muck my leading hand after a guy folds to my post flop bet, all the while another guy was still in the hand. The dealer tells me three times that she said, "Three people in the hand." Thank you sweetheart, let's move on. I'm not mad at you, let's move on. Got it. Yes, we all know I'm the idiot. Move on. Then I go card dead.

I look at A10 suited in mid to late position. A guy in early position 3x's it and 4 people call before me. I called and then one more guy called after me. Bam the flop is all hearts 764. Sweet.

First guy checks. Next guy raises. Fold. Call. Call. To me. Only the straight flush beats me. Hmmm. I decide to call and sweeten the pot a little bit, still two people left to make some sort of move. Next guy calls. Back to the preflop raiser who checked. He stews and the pushes all his chips into the now big community pot. O.k.

Next guy shrugs and moves all in. O.k. The next guy is relatively short stacked and throws his chips in. Getting better. Then the next guy pushes. I'm in the 1 seat, he's in the 11 and I see he's got the King high flush as he's holding his cards out probably thinking, "I can't fold a King high flush!" Alright.

Now with all this action, I really start to wonder if somebody has to have the straight flush, but I know it's not the 11 seat, and it's not the preflop raiser unless he got incredibly lucky to raise with 85 or 53 suited. So that's only two guys that can have it but they would have had to have called a preflop raise from early position with very marginal holdings. Since I'm already getting crazy pot odds and it's a rebuy event, I don't stew too much, but I'm o.k. with the thought pause as the Hollywooding might help with the one guy after me to act.

I push in, knowing I got a rebuy left if somebody has the cooler, but actually more focused on hoping the board doesn't pair and rewarding a set that got in there early. In fact, I'm telling the guy to my left that is exactly what's going to happen. Then after 3 minutes of thinking the last guy throws his chips in.

Unfortunately, not everyone turned their cards up. But the two guys I was most worried about start talking. The first says, "I know I'm not drawing dead. Or, I guess I could be." He's got to have the open ended straight flush draw. The guy to his left shows the 3 of hearts. "That's one of my outs." People demand to see the cards. The turn is a brick. Me and K high flush show our cards. First guy all in had top pair with Ace kicker (talk about stepping in something). The last guy, doesn't turn, and I'm expecting the set. The river brings another three and remarkably he mucks--nobody had a set. With six people in the hand only one card the 8 of hearts could beat me. Everybody else was drawing dead. I didn't think I had everybody covered but that was the table consensus and all those chips were swept to me. Literally it looked like a craps table in the midst of a 45 minute roll with chips on every number. I don't think the dealer knew where to begin.

Crazier still, two hands later, despite getting crazy odds with five people in the hand and me holding 79 offsuit I don't call the raise and I'm in the small blind, no less (yes, I'm a donald key) because I'm still more interested in stacking and sorting my chips that are eating up a 1/4 of the table even though I had that feeling in my stomach right before the flop. Then after a flop of 799 the first guy goes all in, the next guy goes all in, and the next guy went all in. And two of those guys actually had the other two big stacks at the table. And yes, my 79 had them crushed of course, with two flush draws and an open ended straight draw.

As luck has it's way of evening out, or me getting punished for not mixing it up with 79 instead of stacking my chips, I got knocked out much later when in the space of three hands, I lost to a two outer on the river, and then a three outer on the turn.


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