We're back...

Sorry, completely forgot about this blog as I've been traveling about. Will get more updates, especially with some nice tournament scores and other interesting tales from the felt up here soon.
Thought, I'd include an image of the truly tastless Katrina liquor that some sleazebag in town came up with last year. Yes, I understand Hurricanes are named after Hurricanes, so is a hockey team and a university mascot, but last I checked San Franciscans weren't downing The Great Fire schnappes pre WWI and Euros never created a Black Death coffee drink to while away their time during the Bubonic Plague. I admit, my friends once named a drink the Bubonic Tonic, but I'd say we are pretty far removed from festering corpses and ring around the rosie. So why the image?
Because despite that brilliant slogan of Get Blown Away (you gotta figure a classy guy like that thought about it just leaving it as Get Blown), New Orleans is slowly coming back. That's something everybody should be aware of next time they are thinking about getting out of town for a vacation. Anyway, straight up Poker talk next time, I promise.


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