Sitting at the tables last night I overheard an interesting conversation between a man and a girl about her day job.

The man was a talkative, aggressive, cheerful poker player. I enjoyed his company and his willingness to chase in a limit game. The other was a girl who was hitting everything. The flop was slapping her in the face everytime she limped in. Just when I'd think somebody was right to call her, when she couldn't possibly have the nuts again, she would. I had a read on her, it shockingly told me she had a good hand almost every time (I is smart).

This girl had a look that was perfect for the felt but not for life. In fact, she looked like the flops had literally been hitting her in the face all night. One of her eyes was cross-eyed the other normal. I'd be tempted to call it a lazy eye, but most lazy eyes I'm familar with drift away from the nose. Maybe it is a lazy eye and I just haven't been exposed to enough.

At the table her eye made it look like she was looking at every direction at once. I like to study people but usually try not to make it obvious, especially if I am getting a read on them. With her every time I'd try to look, it I felt like she was catching me in the act. It always stared back at me. I thought, "Whoops, not staring at your weird eye, just glancing by, not looking at your EYE!" Like Austin Powers and the "mole, mole, MOLEY, MOLEY, MOLEY. MOLE!"

Anyway, the engaging cajun asks her what line of work is she in. She replies, "The plasma industry." My first thought is, "You give blood?", the cajun, a second later asked, "You give blood?" She sheepishly responded yes. I, at least, thought that if you say you are in the "plasma industry" you are taking it not giving it. That's like a garbage man actually calling himself a sanitation engineer. I guess I'm in the sperm donor industry--remind me to put that on my resume.

This is what blew my mind. The Cajun asks her how much she makes and she said "$1200 a week." Uh, what? The Cajun, the voice to my thoughts, asked, "Uh, what?" She whispered, "$1200 a week. I have O negative blood. The flew me in from Houston, put me up in a hotel and I give blood twice a week. I come to the casino because I have nothing else to do."

Quick math $1200 a week * 52 weeks= $62,400 a year. Wow. Talk about a supplemental income. Or, just an income. If you are drawing 62K a year maybe you do have a right to call it the plasma industry. Then I remembered all poker players are liars. She told the Cajun, who said he also had O negative blood, never been sick, and was the picture of health--I'd argue it was a broken camera--that she'd give him a number to call. Should I run into either one of them again, I'm asking for that number. I don't have O negative blood but I know somebody that does... and that can't possibly be true.


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