Thank You!

A solid month of poker with Gulf Coast Poker tournaments continues at Poker Gras right now.  As always this is only thanks to the hard work, belief in poker, and contributions of others.  So let's say the much needed Thank Yous!

First off...  Thank you to the players reading this and traveling to our events and making suggestions to improve our product or tweak an event--we thank each and every one of you.  Not to mention all of you liking, sharing, tweeting and retweeting.  We are lucky to have so many great and supportive believers across our footprint. Most important part of getting people to tournament is word of mouth.  And we appreciate all the nice things you've said about us and our partners.  Not to mention, first time, we've ever been at an event and the players in it were rooting for the guarantee to be met... not missed. Very touching.  There are way too many of you to name, but you know who you are. Even better so many of you kick butt in poker too.  Three of the winners at Pearl River were wearing Gulf Coast Poker gear.  How cool is that! Great to see good people in the winner's circle.

Harrahs NOLA:  Wow, we are just getting started on the second annual Poker Gr
as and already some great improvements.  Thank you Chase Haydel for being the first to give us a shot and working with us to make an even better product this year.  We are grateful for your friendship and your leadership on this event.  Robbie Gertsner and Jo Ella Mcintosh, thanks for putting up with our constant requests, listening to us and enabling us to pull this off. None of this would happened without ya'll.

Joe Meteye and Makers Mark:  Partners in the poker business are hard to come by, but Maker's Mark has gone above and beyond the call of duty this year.  The Bustout lounge, the AirPods for the Poker Gras winner, and these custom made beauties right here... Wow! If you are playing the Poker Gras Main you'll probably want to play the Bag the Schwag flight and have shot at winning some Maker's Mark works of art.  Also great signage for this event.  Thanks to all of you behind Joe for your hard work and the quick turnaround on everything.  I'm going to drink some Maker's Mark tonight and have many more for sure in my future..

Pearl River Resorts:  We just wrapped up a couple of days ago, but these thank yous feel long overdue.  Thank you to Neal Atkinson for his belief in our product and in poker in general as an attraction and a boost to a casino.  The trophies he and Pearl River made... amazing.  Allowing us to share some of the things we do at Pearl River at our other stops like Poker Gras so generous too.  To tell you how big a supporter of this game Neal is, after we missed the guarantee in our 150k Main Event, he quickly doubled down and said let's go for it again in the Spring (ya'll better come... I mean is this really an OVERLAY ALERT four months out?).  He's dedicated to providing all the amenities to making this one of the bigger events in the South twice a year and we are incredibly grateful to have him as partner.

Thanks to Paul Dutsch and his team of floors and dealers.  They make things happen whether it's comps for food, comps for rooms, discounts on rooms, what have you.  They are tireless and always willing to put in the extra work to make an event better or find a fair floor decision.  We are fortunate to work with Paul and players are lucky to have him floor any event. Some great people on the staff:  Chris, Reid, Mark, Heather, George, John mucho gracias.  Thanks for keeping us laughing and for making the events as seamless as they are.  All 17 dealers!  Thank you.  Saw the long hours and hard work.  Seen so many of you spread the word about our events too.  Thanks to Chris Read... we did it! The first Ladies event at Pearl River.  Thank you to you and the WPA. It'll only grow from here.

Now some Congrats!  Gavin Munroe is one of a handful of players who made that last minute drive up to help us try to meet the guarantee and maybe get a piece of the overlay.  Richly rewarded with his first GCP title in the Pearl River Open Main Event that he earned with a relentless agressive style!  Also, earning trohies:  Jerry Giroir, Derek Ridley, and Hiep Doan who got lucky GCP gear and wore it while shipping an event.  (Hoodies $45 or $50 if larger than XXL, T-Shirts $15).  That's 30% of the winners.  Wow!  Did we mention you can buy some of the lucky gear (shipping an event not guaranteed) and thanks to Amber Douglas and Extreme for taking care of the hoodies for us.


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