First off: Hello world, it's been some time:

 Some quick GCP thoughts:

-After much delay decided to add a Group to our Facebook page. Originally wanted the GCP Facebook page to essentially become what Facebook's group are primarily and that's a  forum/community. However, when people post on our main page it's generally not obvious to the reader. Tends to get buried. So hopefully on the new groups page it will allow for the exchange of ideas, selling of packages, sharing of news, hand analysis, and generally be a positive community. Please asked to be added and please don't indiscriminately "add" people... more than a few of us feel quite spammed when other groups do that, so I'd rather that ill will not be directed to the site. Moderating is generally not my thing but if everybody keeps things civil and we'll be all good. Who knows maybe there are too many other places already for this to take off but it's an option we feel is overdue to our long term readers. Make of it what you will.

-We were able to give out some seats in conjunction with Harrahs NOLA in promoting their circuit event this year. Very cool to do. Got some folks into events (and failed to get others in who couldn't get there in time for our last minute giveaway at the end of the series). Hopefully, when we partner up with other casinos and events we can do more like this. Think it builds a buzz and generates some goodwill for the venue. Ben Saxton who writes for 2+2 (and us occasionally) did a nice write up of our winners which I will post to the site soon.

-By the way, patches should be made soon.  We will sell and giveaway.  Also, going to do another batch of gear as well.  Both our vendors have not returned our calls and possibly have stopped doing it so we may need some help on that front in the very near future.

 -Vast redesign on the horizon... It's been years since we've overhauled the site but we are considering some options to upgrade things. Finding the time to do it is the biggest hurdle. Finding the budget another one, but we are going to change things up a bit. A lot of our bloggers have stopped writing as much (not a surprise with other faster ways to express yourself to the world increasingly available) so maybe we'll just bundle all the new content into posts. We'll have to see. Probably won't happen until after the WSOP (until then we welcome suggestions for software, formatting, what have you... make us an offer if you can do those things for us... inexpensively).

 -We will definitely upgrade the Who's Who (and soon). Let us know who should be on it.

 WSOP 2018:

 -The Minions are back! This will be my first Main Event not representing the group which I've always loved and appreciated for the opportunities they've granted me previously. Will Souther, though much criticized in the past by others, to me should have quieted many of his critics. He's tirelessly made this group happen and to his credit it's truly unique in that this Minions deal is one of the only altruistic give back to the poker community things out there. Seriously, besides being an investor Will gets nothing out of this and a ton of people have played AND cashed the Main Event because of him. It's a ton of work to select, pick, collect, and put in the Minions to the Main Event. What an effort and endeavor by him. I know all the alumni are truly grateful to him and the investors for making it happen. It's pretty fricking awesome. So awesome, that I told him if he didn't want to do it this year, I'd be happy to pick up the slack and make it happen. Not to worry, Will's looking to put a new batch of minions in the Main Event and we'll be there to cover them all. Our offer to help out stands though.

 -I will be playing the Main though. I won a local satellite and am amped to be heading back out there. Hope I still score an invite to the Minions dinner :). I also am basically sold out of a small package of events before and after the Main. Also new for me this year, I will be playing the Tag Team event with Steve "No Fear" Bierman... and my wife. My wife? Yes, she's less than a poker novice, but she will play at least two hands in the event (as required by rules). Should we do the improbable and win a bracelet she'll get one too. Should we cash, ah well she gets none of that--it's split between Steve and me. What am I saying? If I get 50% I guess she gets what... all of that? So she and Steve will split our winnings. :) Also, we will do some Vegas tourist stuff while she's there including Gwen Stefani's opening night act in her residency. To say my wife is a big Gwen Stefani fan is a big like saying Sean Hannity is a big Donald Trump fan. So she's excited to go out there.


-Got lots of tiny pieces of Gulf Coast players, just to have a ton of micro-sweats. Also, bought a tiny piece of one of my favorite poker players to watch when I got started and Jeopardy tournament of champions champion Alex Jacob. He's capable of big things and will go for the W (as shown in the clip).  One of my favorite televised poker tournaments was his deep run in the U.S.Poker Championships years ago.  Also, have a, a teeny, tiny piece of a fellow Richmond Spider Andrew Kelsall who is playing the 50k Players Championship this year. His results last year in the mix events make me very optimistic with his chances. Should be a fun little summer.


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