Students crushing it.

I should probably piece together the emails I sent to my investors for the WSOP and my summer. Some good nuggets in there that are not here.  Wow, I'm really behind in updating.

Fast forward to this past month where I played the Beau and the IP.  I want to give a quick shout-out to both staffs, for carefully planning two series at once that I think helped each other out rather than competed to the detriment of the other.  Genius of Henry Garrison, Paul Dutsch and the decision-makers at the Beau to stagger their re-entry event and Main Event with the IP's.  Personally, I think having these tournaments at the same time can draw better than having them back to back.  I know this year scheduling kind of forced both casinos in the same slot.  However, if possible with a little coordination and co-operation (which I realize could be more difficult then it was this year going forward) they could both really benefit.  It's not unrealistic to think two big events at once could make Biloxi the center of the national poker scene for a week and half.

Personally, I had a pretty disappointing week going deep in a lot of events, bubbling way too many (Grrrrrrrr) and min-cashing other events.  I chopped a nightly, won a mega but it felt like I was step or hand away from a lot more.  The min-cash in the Beau Rivage Main event smarted for a couple of reasons.  For one, a guy I'm helping out entered the final day of the IP Main Event.  I wanted to earn more than him ( :) but didn't come close) and more importantly I wanted to sweat him as he chased glory  And, for two, a min-cash always sucks especially with the big payouts are only a table away.

Speaking of others... What a week it was for the guys I'm coaching/helping out with their games.

First off, Steve Bierman,  a voracious learner, who only cares about getting better and better and better.  I can't be more proud of the dude as he navigated a really tough final day at the IP Main Event to get the biggest score of his life over 70k!  Not only that he came in with a final table strategy and executed it perfectly to have a shot at the ring and all the glory.  Great job, Steve!

Here we are celebrating Steve's previous biggest score in January of this year at the Beau with Jeff Sager.  Guy's won what over 100k this year?  Still two months to go.

This time, Ben Saxton and Joe Hebert joined us for the drinks to salute Steve's win.  Bricks of cash might have been gratuitously on show at one point.   At least Steve didn't leave them in the bar as he did with his check in January (shout out to Mack Trelles for running him down that time).

Steve won a lot of money, but the other guy I'm helping out with Chris Canan, pictured below, won his first two tournaments to start the week and finished 5th in a turbo at the end of the week.  Chris, is also a really hard worker, and is constantly looking for improvement.

As much as I'd like to take some credit for either one of these guys improvement, truth is both these guys are responsible for their own success.  They work hard, constantly think about the game, constantly tweak their games, and want to improve every aspect of the way they approach poker. They have questions and we collaborate to get the answers. Inspiring the way their hard work and improvements have turned into results.  Been fun, seeing all the milestones they've hit.  Chris got his first WSOP cash this year too.  And Steve is becoming a bit of a WSOP-C beast.

This week Steve told me he has his eyes set on passing me in the Hendon Mob results and that he'll do it sooner rather than later. I used to not care all that much about those rankings, but since learning that Steve and friend Kenny Milam are aware of the comings and goings of these metrics I also now pay a lot more attention to them.  I kind of I hope he and Chris do pass me.  The sooner the better as long as they preferably  finish behind me in the tournaments we play together.  By all means win everything I'm not in.

Alright enough bragging about other people. Going forward, there is a Pearl River event at the end of the month.  I love that their main event only has a $50 juice out of the $800 buy-in and that the casino and the staff are really trying to make everything as player friendly as possible.  Gene D, and I will be back there.  Got to cash higher than Steve and Chris in those events after all.

Oh, and this week I plan on making it through the Scarlett Pearls Big Slick Open on one bullet and winning it.  Don't know if that'll make Hendon Mob, but if I do it, Steve can rest assured I'll send those guys an email about it.

Also, big shout out to all the people who did well in Biloxi too many friends to mention here  (see  And for those that did't do well but I had the pleasure of seeing again.  Never let it be said, there aren't good people in poker.  Most of the people I know are great folks.

Speaking of which, one of my investors, who is super nice (even puts up with my other side of the political spectrum views) is going through  a rough patch after a loved one suffered a terrible auto accident.  My prayers and thoughts are with her.  If you do pray, take a moment and include L.K. and her family in yours when you get a chance.  


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