Long Overdue

Sorry folks, been behind on blogging a good bit.  Wanted to get a quick one up but have been slammed time wise.  Previously, I referenced some health things my family has been dealing with, some have asked about them so I feel I should revisit it.  Btw, thanks for the support and nice notes some of you have sent even though I was a little vague about things.

1.  Me.  All good so far.  Need a follow up visit soon, but had two little polyps removed both benign.  Hopefully, they were responsible for my abnormal blood-work and I should be all good.

2.  My oldest son.  Looks like we turned a corner.  Appears that we've identified the problem and it's relatively harmless.  Felt like last year he was perpetually sick.  Since we've started up a treatment plan it's been effective.  At this point we think it was just a case of allergies manifesting in some weird ways and some atypical blood work when he might have been fighting two or three things at once.  His white blood cell was off the charts, but has returned to normal meaning we can stop googling Leukemia symptoms.

3.  My daughter.  She's had some weird episodes of dizziness/vertigo, since we thought we were in the clear with her.  Can be a wide range of problems.  We were referred to an ENT, who referred us to a neurologist.  Some of the possibilities are scary, some may be relatively benign.  At this point not trying not to worry about it until/unless we have too, but probably lots of test and appointments still in our short term future.

Literally felt like I spent more time in a doctor's office, Emergency room, or aftercare then anywhere else last year.  With all the big stuff going on, those kids couldn't stay healthy with flu, stomach viruses, bronchitits and you name it charging through our household every week or so.  Hoping 2015 is much, much different.  Regardless, in total things, have turned out pretty good for us and now we just can focus on my daughter.


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