Post Main Event

Hard to believe I haven't posted since the Main Event.

Wanted to talk about my bust out hand, a couple of audacious bluffs I pulled off, some giant folds and the thrill of heading into to day 3 with a shot at making a run, with most of the field already out of it.  Except...  I'm not going to right now.  I will though I promise.

Currently, I'm working on a couple of writing projects, so blogging has been kind of a dreaded activity.  I find I can only do so much writing without feeling burnt.  The blog (and the website) has suffered as a result, and to some degree poker is also on the back burner.

Still, I've been following it and popping up for some tournaments locally here and there.

I was excited that my partner in crime at GCP Gene D had another deep run at the IP.  He got no love from despite being a past Casino Champion there.  The storyline they went with, a good one no doubt in his tournament write up, was Austin Buchanan aka SkinnyDonk trying to get his ring.  He's cashed 26 times or so and no jewelry.  Equally significant to us locals was Gene's quest for gold.  Everybody has to give him credit for his perfomance, he nursed a short stack into the money, onto the final table and was probably just one double up from a possible top two finish before bowing out fourth.

I also enjoyed Tai Cao's deep run, I think also fourth, in another event.  Got to know Tai a little bit since meeting him in Las Vegas during the world series.  I also shared a final table with him after I taught the WSOP Academy in a nightly.  Real laid back guy who will probably win a ring sooner rather than later.  

As for me, I've made a lot of deep runs recently with nothing to show for it.  That's the frustrating part of tournament poker, I guess.  Feel like a pot or a hand away every time.  Even the weeklies I play in, I can't escape some gruesome hand and get busted.  The current trend is somebody calling off most of their chips with QJ and getting there.  Twice in my last tournament.  Maybe that's my nemesis hand.

Did have one weird hand history.  During an Aces cracked promotion at Harrahs, I somehow lost the minimum with them against pocket kings.  He flopped a set and boated up on the river. I thought the board pairing the low card might have been good for me because when he raised me on the turn I thought he had at least two pair.  So, I lose the pot and they go off to get me my hundred dollars in chips .

The dealer didn't ask if they were in play, and right before I looked at my hand I thought about saying something.  She was attending to something so I said to myself no big deal I'll wait a hand before mentioning it.  Then I spied Queens.  Lol.  Long story short I get my reduced stack in preflop against Morgan B who has Kings.  Not good.  I make a set on the river and double up just as they drop my $100 chip on the table.  I told her the only good news in that suckout was that I didn't have the extra $100 in play.  Though, as I drove home I thought about it, I might have found the fold against her had I had more money.   She plays fairly conservative.  I don't know.   Anyway, more to come soon,


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