Death sucks.

Over the weekend a couple of beloved coaches from my alma mater died in a ballooning accident that made national news.  I won't link to an article to spare you the details, but the recap was chilling, horrific and tragic. I was busy all weekend but when I finally read about it Sunday morning, it was tough to digest or imagine.  Stranded in the air with a balloon that was on fire.  Horrific.  Kind of rocked me.

Things got worse, or at least, hit even closer to home as more bad news has come out.

My Beau Rivage friends have been sharing their sad thoughts about the passing of Cincere Mason, who was a joy for all to be around.  She twice beat cancer, she's a fighter, all seemed good for her.  After the floods in Pensacola she went to help a friend, that being the kind of person she was, and she contracted a bacterial infection she couldn't beat, and suddenly was gone so sad.  

The worst news of all, for me, as I'm closer to him was the passing of my friend's child.  The one that really hurt, heard about the loss of Matt S's  daughter over the weekend, it was like a kick to my stomach.  I've cried multiple times for him, and I don't cry much.  As a father of young children it's so easy to put yourself in their shoes and think how rocked you would be.  I feel for him, and also understand I can't even imagine what he's experiencing, my tears for him are one infinitesimal portion of the grief he has.  So sad, to lose a child, especially a bright, vibrant, beautiful little girl like Matt had.  I know if effected a lot of people near and far, as I got hit with messages as the news spread.  Everybody just aches for him.

He's got a long period of grieving ahead of him.  Nothing gives him solace or comfort now, and it's just agonizing to know that people are going through the loss of a love one, and there's little you can say or do.  I saw that the poker community has been great in helping Matt with the expenses of the funeral, which warmed my cynical heart a little bit.  Gene and I are also making a small donation too.  We are rooting for Matt.  We know it's going to be a tough, long slog.

To all those who have recently lost a loved one, my thoughts and prayers are with you.


I got so much brewing in my head that I need to cover.  What I hope to get to, but not today, is quick synopsis of finishing 10th at the latest Main Event at the Beau, also a second place finish there in an earlier event, chopping a couple of nightlies as the chipleader, and participating in the excellent WSOP-Academy that just wrapped up.

Phil Gordon, as well as pros Ben Logan and Bronson Tucker, I thought all did a great job.  I'll get to all that I promise.  Unfortunately, this post is a sad one.  Lots of death to digest recently.


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