Around the Horn

Why do they call little Snickers "Fun Sized."  There is nothing fun about them, unless fun means immediately have to look through the candy you are stealing from your Children's Halloween haul for another one to "partially" satisfy you.  I feel like I've heard "this" bit somewhere, my apologies if I'm stealing from somebody, but that's the train of thought I had this afternoon.

Poker is going swell.  Continue to run good at cash and these weeklies.  Traveled up to Baton Rouge to play at LaBerg and see the new casino.  I was impressed.  The tournament was a little fast but enjoyable.  Finishing third made it sweeter.  That made three final tables in a row.  A lot happened in that tournament.

I saw the local hotshot challenge me for hitting a flush on him, and ironically play a similar hand exactly the same way later.  I believe he muttered something about raising with the worst hand, then bluffing with it and then getting lucky.  I had A8 suited and raised from EP on a short handed table.  He called from the big blind.  I flopped two of my suits on a 742 board and cbet when he checked.  The turn was another 7.  we both checked and I hit my flush on the river.  When he called my river bet he immediately groused.

Later he'd have AK two clubs and two overs and get there too, somehow he managed to not fire a tirade at himself for his poor play.

He was a good player and clearly had the respect of the regulars there.  He looked familiar.  Have no issue with him other than the fact he likely misread the board in our hand when he bitched.  If you are going to challenge somebody, probably should have your facts straight.

Later, a drunk guy at my table who was holding up play refused to leave and play was suspended for over 30 minutes until security gently extricated him.  I suspect he was a high roller because in most places the kid gloves would have been long off.  Finally, I expedited things by suggesting to the floor that if he wouldn't leave that the rest of us could simply relocate to a new table.  They took my suggestion and we played on.  The guy also got more cooperative when he realized his sit in was futile.

The final table I shared with a player I met at the WSOP-Academy.  David from Lafayette.  I thought he played great and I enjoyed sharing a table with him and seeing him make the money.  He keeps improving.

I rode up with Ron H, a regular from Harrahs and I felt bad he didn't make the money.

Final table the overwhelming chipleader (another good player) wanted a huge cut of the money.  I got to second in chips and asked for too much myself.  Finally three handed the short stack refused another chop offer and I ended up third when luck changed on me.

I got real short twice so I was happy with my comebacks.
Don't have too much time right now, so I'll return with more soon.


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