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-Wow, just sifted through a deluge of Spam comments.  Thanks 'bots I'm glad to see I'm so popular with web trawlers.  If I missed any real comments in the culling of things, my apologies.  I really enjoy it when I get feedback and response.  Sometimes you just feel like you are shouting into any empty canyon, and the Spam is like the echo.  Is there anybody there.  Lol.  If you enjoy reading somebody's blog don't be afraid to send them even an empty comment or two just to let them know there are eyeballs on their writing.

Speaking of comments, I also do a march madness pool.  If you are interested shoot me a comment letting me know who you, an email address for me to respond to, and I'll give you the information.  I won't click publish on any emails or pool comments unless you specify you want me too.



-Alright, let's get the poker out of the way.  Haven't blogged much at all about poker but I have been playing.   Went down to the IP and played their new format tournament where they added seats for the WPT event (three $365 buy-ins) on top of the prize pool.   Not bad because it almost nullifies the juice (depending on the turnout).  However, since it's like a super turbo, I decided it wasn't worth me making the drive from New Orleans for more of them.  My visit there consisted of needing to shove almost any two on the button when unopened after the fast levels made everybody short.  I didn't improve after the small blind of course woke up to a hand.


With March Madness this week, my poker will be extremely limited but I hope to get over for one of the day 1s at the Beau.  Maybe Saturday?


Have had some things going on in my personal life, weddings, bpartys, sick kids, friends in town, that have kept me from the Donkley over at Harrahs too much.  I have played once and ran into Aces when I shoved a small pair and obviously got called.  I love the way players show Aces in those situations, it gives you a little insight into them as people in players.  There are some that slow-roll their monsters because they are clueless.  Others slow roll them because they are jerks.  Then they are some that smugly show the Aces like they did something.  I prefer to try and flip them before my opponent even though it's his turn to show and acknowledge that randomness is giving me the best of it preflop.


I love this season, and though Richmond self-imploded in historic fashion I'll still have the Tar Heels to follow for one or two stiff challenges.  I thought UNC, oddly has been overlooked and underseeded this year.  Remarkably they've lost five times to teams ranked in the top four of the RPI.  They also lost at Indiana (which is a place I believe no one won this year).  Their other losses are all top fifty or so with the exception of the disappointing Long Horns loss.  Course one seed Kansas lost to much worse TCU.

Well, who have the Heels beat?  Everybody except Miami and Duke once they switched to a smaller line up.  That's like 14 for 14.  I thought an 8 seed was too rough on them, and really it's like the committee and the press forgot about them after they stumbled early in the year.  Truth is they should have been a 5 or a 6.

Villanova is going to be a tough game and if they lose they'll have only themselves to blame and the committee will be somewhat vindicated for putting them on the eight line.  If they win that Kansas awaits which is a tough blow.  Obviously of the number ones I'd prefer to have Gonzaga awaiting.  UNC fares fairly well as an Eight seed playing the number ones.  I remember Rick Fox beating Oklahoma on a buzzer beater in the 80s or early 90s and then about ten years ago them beating Stanfraud on their way to the final four.  So though the path is tougher UNC seems to shine in that challenge.

Don't know if I have the heart to pick UNC deep.  I'm sure on one or two of the six or seven brackets I do, I'll have them going way too far.  To be fair, before seeing them as an 8 I had planned on them doing damage.  Sucks to play Kansas so early.  In many ways, Kansas matches up superbly to them.  Withey will likely dominate and they can get McAdoo in foul trouble and really cripple the Heels.  I'm not overlooking Nova either because that team is capable of beating anyone.  Bad draw.

As for my picks, I like Michigan this year but I also thought pre-tournament South Dakota State and Nate Wolters were going to get a win this year.  Jay Bilas stole my line, but Wolters reminds me of Steve Nash.  Kid can score dish and create.  He's got a veteran team that have been to the dance before and this year are thinking win.  So that creates a dilemma for me.  I think I'm going to go with Michigan and just hope they shoot well.

Other insight, I agree any of about 12 teams can win it all.  Though in a year of parity it might be safer to take a one seed all the way  and have two or three in the final four.  Typically the carnage will happen throughout the brackets and things will start to open up for the better teams.  I feel like the recent year when four number one seeds made it, the parity was equally touted.  On one or two of my brackets I'll go Chalk (maybe not Rock Chalk but Chalk).

I might be live blogging the early games we'll see.

Anyway, more to come.


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