Bits and Bites Update

-Good luck to Amarillo Slim.  Caveat:  If the man isn't a pedophile as he was charged with late in his life.

-Looks like I may go to all or part of Chester.  Don't know if I will be backed or not but there are only 1000 players within 7 points of me on the WSOP-C top 66 list.  We'll see what happens.  If anybody is interested in $200 shares let me know.  I may be selling another package... if my backer doesn't come through.  I may just play all on my own.  I don't know yet.  So, I'm not collecting or officially selling just yet but email me your interest.

-Just did a non-strategy poker blog post that I will link to once it is up.  Fairly good I think.

-Min Cashed the Donkley on Wednesday.  I got in with AA vs. 1010 and somebody inevitably said they folded a ten.  The last one showed up on the turn.  Can't complain.  Earlier in the day I was short and shipped it when Kenny Milam limped under the gun and the rest of the table limped after him.  He shoved over the top of me and said "Beware the limp under the gun."  I knew what he had.  Apparently, the five seat missed it because he shipped too, with 99.

I smiled and said, it's alright I'm going to make two pair.  When it came K77, I said "wrong two pair."  I didn't complain when the river dropped another King.  Kenny only lost 300 chips on the hand because of the guy blinded my his medium pocket pair he limped and I basically quadrupled up.  So, I got LUCKY on the day.

At the final table, there was talk of a chop and I probably would have chopped if everybody else wanted because there were so many regulars at the table.  It was a small turnout and less then I'd want to play for... but I wasn't going to be the fly in the ointment.  We also contributed $20 a head to pay 9th and 10th $100 each, as the tourney was only paying 8, which further hurt the payout.  I said I was open to the chop but the man in the one seat declined, which I was happy for.

In the negotiation, the guy that would knock me out, a regular said "Come on, I came here in a cab and I want to be able to leave in a cab."  The guy that declined said, "I came here in street car and I want to leave in a limo."  Well played.

Ironically, the guy that begged for the chop, woke up to a hand, shipped it and the chip leader was in the big blind and hemmed and hawed, I knew he needed to call.  He feared a limper.  He folded A10, the limper had A9 and called.  A ten of course hit the board and the short stacks' pocket fives survived.

A couple of hands later the now, formerly short stacked gentleman open shipped with 10s when I found Aces.  I had that feeling they weren't going to hold.

Somehow, me not expressly stating I was down for the chop turned into me being the guy that didn't want it.  So when I was eliminated in 7th I could hear them grousing about me getting what I deserved.  To be honest, I played some hands bad as I was anticipating a chop.  The Chip leader told me he'd let it go one more orbit so I sat on some hands that were marginally good but if he was going to give in and I was going to give in I wasn't going to get eliminated.  When he won a couple of pots through the orbit he didn't mention the chop and I determined to play for first.  Not to be.

-A dealer paid me a high compliment.  Gave me an ego boost, which I appreciated.  He's the fastest dealer in the room so I was able to return his praise with some of  my own.

-If I don't go to Chester it will be hard not to be at Harrahs every morning at 11am to win a seat in their Main Event starting May 1st.  "Poker Chips Texas Hold Em Set"


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