Package Email after day two (fleshd out some more):

Yesterday, I played the toughest starting table I've played maybe ever. All the players were on my side of the table and fortunately I had position on all but one of them. Unfortunately, the guy to my left liked to 4 and 5bet more than any of them. He also was in a war of wills with the guy on my right as these two internet kids were having pissing contest getting it all in preflop in level two in with hands like AQ v. 56 suited. BTW, 56 suited got there, and AQ bitched.

They seemed to alternate winning these for most of the day, everybody else just gave them their chips. I recognized one live circuit player who I played with in Tunica and he and I did battle with the Internet kids in a live vs. online battle. Have to admit that probably the Internet kids won the battle, though it was really the other half of the table that took it on the chins and not us.
We should have broke first, as we all were all late registering, but instead because the tournament directors have their heads up their ass, we played the table until almost dinner. My side of the table picked up all the chips. Things got easier when the kid to my left got knocked out. I made some tough calls and the Internet kids stopped f'ing with me so I was able to chip up after some fits and starts.
I got moved to a new table finally just before dinner and the insanity didn't stop. Here was the action on the first hand I saw. First to act bets, raised huge by this girl who has been destroying the circuit the last couple of months, call, call, call, first to act called. Flop: First to act bets, raised by the girl, she's gets reraised by another girl (she her pic and story below), fold, fold, first to act calls, the aggro girl re-reraises, and then the reraiser shoves. Fold, fold. Uhhhhh....... wha happened? They are all sitting on mountains of chips and just throwing 'em around like they are rice at a wedding. So much for getting a reprieve.
I tighten up and pick my spots. The girl who had to fold goes on spew mode and attacks my blind (again). I look at A2 and call. Flop is king high I check in the dark she bets weakly (physical tell)... call. Turn is garbage, I check again feeling confident Ace high is good. She bets I call. River is an Ace. I see her eye it. I check to her and sure enough she tries to bet the scare card triple barrelling me..big. When I insta-call she folds directly into the muck. She had nothing. I should have flashed the deuce to mindfuck her.  My plan was to call the river regardless, though I think she checks there if not for the Ace, because she thought she could get me off the hand when it hit.
After dinner, my image is good because I go card dead for full a level. Looking to exploit that, I steal a pot using a little trick I like to do but won't share (sorry).  Then a little later, I open a pot with 94, get called by this lady in the pic Heather Sue Mercer. 

Long sidenote: she has a pretty good poker resume , but she went to Duke.  And if I have to be critical, and I want to because she seems entirely likable, is a good player, attractive, and always dresses like she's going to a cocktail party after the tournament, maybe she's a little too perfect.  If I can't find something immediately wrong with a person, I'll have to create it. 

In the poker world where many of the women that play with the boys can also beat up the men, she's a rarity.  Ironically, she played football at duke so she can probably kick some ass too, yes, you read that right.  She played or tried to play football at Duke.  What's worse is she sued Duke.  So she's kind of an ally.  So, what's to dislike?  I could hate her for that initial decision to go to Duke, even that escapes me as my grandmother and a girl I was friends with in high school went there, so I kind of forgive women for going to Duke, in my mind it's a ladies school with a bunch of girly men that play basketball there.  Not much to pick at... well, she wears giant earrings, which one day means when she's an old lady she's going have earlobes that hang to her shoulders.  That can be unsightly.

Where were we, I opened with 94 o/s and get called by the future long earlobed Miss Mercer.  I Cbet after hitting my four and she called. Check check on the turn. River is an ace, she looks pissed, I start to bet and she says don't even bother... now I had some chips.   Think she had middle pair maybe and was going to check call me all the way down if big cards didn't hit or try and steal the pot with nothing.  Don't know if I could have called if the scare card didn't land.

I feel confident we are going to roll to the money. We get to under 1 out of 2 makes the cash and they move in a guy new to the table. My image has gotten me a number of pots to chip up the next level or two,  everybody has decided I'm a stone cold nit and folded to c-bets. Should have given the new guy the memo. First pot I'm on the button in position and we get into a raising war. He bets, I three bet with AK, he min-raises and usually that's strong but here I knew he was weak... even though he's an old guy and they always have it when they min-bet, guess he mistook me for an internet kid and was playing back (or maybe he was just an idiot with no plan), so I shove to take down the hand with enough chips to merit a fold. He goes through some elaborate chip count, and I figure him for a fold and think the pot should be almost be enough to get us in the money.
Then he decides that somewhere between 40 to 60 per cent of his chips is a good place to let it ride with a low pocket pair. He calls with a flourish.  Nice hand sir. When I brick, the table gives him that "oh we got a sucker now" look and I head for the exit.
Thanks for the support all. Sorry, for the second no cash. Six max event today. Hoping for a better table draw and some run good.


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