Donkley Chopzilla, Dead Money Winnah, and more...

Lots of little tidbits:

**Congrats to all the folks I know and like, the few I know and love, and the many I know and hate, that cashed at the Beau so far.  I don't really hate anybody so that last category isn't really true but it sort of just rolled off the tongue and onto my keyboard.  Because, if I did hate them likely they wouldn't win anything as the power of my hate is so strong it's like a voodoo curse of lifelong bubbles.  Just ask CarrotTop, I started hating him 10 years ago.

**Just wrapped up the Dead Money Poker Tournament, and I'm excited that our winner was Ryan Howard from Cleveland.  He'll be a great representative for all that played and is a quality guy.  Had a lot of fun with him and his buddies following the tournament--so much so, that I am already excited about next years weekend.

He's got a great shot to go deep, with the perfect demeanor and disposition to survive the grueling test of the World Series Main Event.  I'll be doing a longer wrap-up sometime soon.  He's called "Champ" in Cleveland for winning home tournaments and now he's called champ by all us dead money guys.

**Chopped the Donkley over at Harrahs.  I think I got the best of it.  With 10 handed they wanted a chop.  I said I'd chop if I got 1100.  That left everybody else with 455 a piece.  First paid 1400 if we played it out and second 900.  Pretty sure, I'll chop 10 handed every time if I'm guaranteed more than second place money.  One guy objected, roughly second in chips, and then I crippled his stack about two orbits later and he conceded.  Poker is fun.

**Looks like I'm headed to Tunica to chase WSOP-C points.  My plan is to play as many nooners as I can.  I have dropped off the red part of the leaderboard in Circuit points (though still within the 66 that qualify).  I think the red boxes are just a guide to get your ass back in the action.  I know Caufman Tally at this very moment is just one player behind me that is currently getting more points in Choctaw so I expect to slide further.

**I got my wife an Iphone 4s for her birthday.  She is doing what everybody that owns an iPhone does when they get it and falling in love with the device.  My Android is about to go, its battery sucks energy like a blackhole, and despite Steve Wozniack (Apple founding father) touting Androids (yesterday) I may have to bite the bullet and join the half a billion on the iPhone bandwagon.  Principally because Facetime will allow me to see my kids (without Skype) when I'm in Tunica.  

**I need to wrap-up that IP final table monster post though I've put off that task like I did homework in high school.  Don't know why.  If anybody still wants to read it, email me, and I'll get back to it.  If nobody does... it'll just left it slip away into the Internet ether.


Goondingy said…
You need to finish the final table post.

thank you!

Android is where it's at! Iphones are for the ladies!
Anonymous said…
Thanks to Bill for all the organization and the Cleveland poker group for putting this together. Thanks to my buddies Brandon and Mike for going with me and their support for this event. The competition was tough and I hope to live up to the expectations of going deep in the main event. Thanks to the Chinese guys for delivering the wrong order of food, I enjoyed that shrimp dinner I didn't order. See you soon guys!!

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