On to the IP Main Event...

Lots of people, surprisingly and flatteringly, have asked when i was going to wrap up the IP series... I haven't even gotten to the Main Event.  I'm going to do so today. 

One quick sidenote, that I  meant to include before, when I was at the table with Captain Tom and Kathy Liebert, shortly after I called her down with Queen high, and then she got bad beated (I believe) she remarked to him, "Remember when we used to be good at poker."

Nice little self-deprecation there (once upon a time I'd confuse the words self-deprecation with self-defecation which is an entirely different sentiment but anyway...).  Obviously, she was joking and I'm confident she knows she still has "it" but Captain Tom wasn't on the same wavelength, he informed her he was still pretty good and started rattling off some scores in the past year. 

Okay, after an aborted nap I went to down to see Gene play.  Somehow the donk chipped away at him and then prevailed.  I felt bad for Gene as it was so close to being a ring on his hand, and it just didn't happen.  He had nothing to hang his head though as he played brilliantly all tournament and all seires.

Later the guy who had 15% of me, asked me if I wanted him to buy me in.  I had to think about it and told him maybe I'd just sale of piece of me.  Again, with a satellite win in my pocket the buy-in wasn't a concern.

We decided on the terms, and I went upstairs to try and nap again and buy-in late to the second flight of the Main.  I slept too long, it felt like I just closed my eyes.  The LSU-Bama game had just started.  I awoke and went down partly to show up early enough in the tournament in case my backer busted out early so he could see I did indeed play.

I got to my table and I had a kid in the 1 seat I didn't recognize but was steamrolling the table a little bit with an internet style that I struggle against.  Bev Cheney (pokernews pic above) one of the leaders on the circuit points chart, who had just finished second in a prelim event at the IP was in the three or four seat, and then the rest of the table was fairly inoculous. 

I went to the 10 seat, and to my left in the 9 was a super nice guy from Atlanta (by the way you owe me an email), who was getting his feet wet for the first time in a tournament and really enjoying the experience.  He brought a lot of life to the table and agonized over several tough decisions.  Somehow he put 95% of his stack in on a hand with pocket queens when the board fell apart on him and he folded on the river face-up to the internet kid.  

A guy next to him who called himself a pro but looked like and probably played much like "Wes" the red-headed hot-headed meat-headed roid boy from MTV's Real World said that was the dumbest move he had ever seen. 

In the back of my head, I thought it is unless you are sure you are beat, and unfortunately, probably due to the way the kid played it he was beat.  "Wes" like his TV lookalike was a total team player.  He quickly went to the head of my "I want to bust you list" as he endlessly complained to the dealer about how card dead he was and tirelessly rolled his eyes at the inferior play before him.  I thought to myself it's a long tournament you can't win the Challenge in the first episode bra.

My buddy in the nine seat ended up in several hands with me.  Doubling up when he caught a long shot on the turn but being hesitant to call with a big hand.  Finally, I busted him and was sad to see him go.  Before he left, he asked Bev if she was Annie Duke.  His earnestness and humble behavior will always be memorable to me

The table broke and I landed on a table with Mark Eddleman (see GCP's Who's Who) who was nursing a shortish stack and playing pretty tight.  On my left was a guy who has owned me in the IP events.  I don't know why but he always beats me.

In my first hand, shit wish I remembered this more clearly, I dumped a big portion of my stack to him.  Unopened I looked at a decent hand and saw him getting ready to bet behind me.  I put out my bet and he 3bet me quickly.  I thing he must have seen me coming and started to salivate.  Generally, I've laid down to his agression in the past but this felt forced.  I decided my ~Ace Queen or Ace Ten (I think) was the best hand and called.

Flop came out paired but all babies.  I checked to him and he insta fired.  Whoops... I didn't think the hand had changed with the flop.  I raised him leery of the spade draw on the board.  He called.  Turn was a jack.  I led out and he called.  River was a baby spade, I couldn't figure out how I was beat but felt beat and checked to him, not sure if I would call a bet.  He turned over a Jack four of spades for a flush.  Nice hand sir.  He got up to get some ice cream and I asked the guy next to him if he was frustrated or something.  He said probably.  I didn't see him threebet out of line too much more.

At some point I hear some cheering and see Les Miles get gatorade dumped on him on the TV.  I wondered why they'd give the coach a gatorade bath at halftime.  Uh... guess I slept much later than I thought on that nap.  That was confirmed when LSU and Alabama fans stormed into the room to play a sit'n go.

I chipped up a little bit and then they dropped AJ Jejewolo at my table.  He immediately started three betting everybody and hitting sets and winning everything.  His chip stack swelled.  I promptly donked off all of my profit for the day when I got in a hand with him and went below starting stack as the evening came to a close.  Had I bought in at the very end of the night I would have been starting with 900 chips more as my day on stack ended at 19.1k.

BTW, I'm writing the rest of this episode out tonight but will schedule the remaining portions on later blogs, so it'll be up here soon.


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