What's What...

This isn't going to be too long of a blog post. Been really busy on a number of fronts recently. Lots of excitement and opportunities have been knocking on the door, both for me as an individual and for the site, so we will have word on them soon.

To give ya'll a taste:

*Expect the newest Gulf Coast Poker Magazine out some time after the world series.

*Haven't even had the chance to update Gene about this who was dealing with a family illness this past week. My thoughts and prayers have been with him, but I met some great guys that do a poker telecast in Lafayette, and the wheels have been spinning about some possibilities, and we hope to get GCP involved.

*Personally, we go see the doctor today about the baby in mommy's belly. Our son gets that "baby" and "belly" have something to do with each other, but interestingly, and perhaps, scary enough when we ask him "Are you excited about a baby sister?" or any variation like "Do you want a sister?" "Are you ready for a baby to come live with us?" The answer is always an emphatic "NO!" with a head shake. Gulp!


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