So, it's be some time since I last posted about my play. I chopped another Harrahs tournament last week, and then went back to back in whiffs. No need to discuss the chop, but I will talk about the misses. On Wednesday I shoved from the cut-off with KJ and got looked up by the small blind who had AJ. Not sure I would have called from his spot, though if I factor in the way I came to a decision to shove, he might have thought I looked weak and was at least flipping for a third of his stack. Can't say it was a bad call, maybe it was the right call from every perspective.

That kid would later get to the finally table and make some ridiculous proclamations about how much money he'd take in a ten handed chop. Even more so, the fact his minor chip lead, and his proclamation he was the best player at the table (he might have been... but there were a fair number of repeat offenders at that table), seemed to rub the entire room the wrong way, including everybody single person at the cash table I was at.

To his credit, the other players actually seemed to consider his ridiculous demand. Later, they chopped 6 or 7 handed and gave a huge chunk of change to two chip leaders, and he like the rest had to settle for 900 something. Had he not brought up an uneven chop earlier he probably would have had more money in his pocket later as most people see an even chop as fair.

The blinds at that final table get to a point that nobody is ever in a demanding position (unless they have like 80 to 90%) of the chips--which was never the case. Doesn't matter how good you think you are, you just flipping at that point because everybody is smart enough to gamble when they have too (and even when they don't).

The following tournament, I couldn't seemed to do anything right. Early on I missed a spot to triple barrel a bluff, actually I guess it was technically "double barrel" because I fired on the turn after floating a multi-way flop in position. King scare card hit and checked to me so I punched it. I got there because post flop, a guy c-betting everything fired and nobody believed him, I joined the calls with two overs. After I bet the turn only a guy from EP quick called.

The flop had come out 229 with two diamonds. King put two clubs on the board.

The river was a donut, and he checked to me and looked disappointed. I misread the button, I was actually it, and I put him in the big blind--he was UTG. I gave him too much credit for a two (which was asinine in itself because even if he were the big blind unless he had 29, he would have protected every other 2 from the flush draws). No way that guy utg has a deuce. Definintely should have fired.

So I checked without thinking and he turned over two clubs, one a nine and scooped a pretty big pot. He turned the screw a little bit by telling me he was looking to fold to a riverbet. I was nonchalant but inside I was steaming as the pot had actually been pretty large.

Later in a mulit-way pot I had KQ in the big blind. A tight girl bet out UTG, and had shown me stellar hands every time she bet EP, and I called because of pot odds with three other callers, though I gave consideration to folding pre (I know nit). Flop came king high and instead of leading out, I checked to her to see what she'd do. She checked so did the others. Ace ball on the turn, followed by another check from me, she bet, we all folded. I flashed my king saying I let her get there and she complied by flashing me the Ace.

Yes... terrible play by me in both spots.

I got what I deserved later. I got dusted in two successive hands. I limped AK because I saw the button with his equally shortish stack indicate he was going to raise. We got a lot of callers before it got to him. Instead of shoving as he did the hand before he fired out a hearty raise. I realised, though hearty, it still left him chips to fold, so I liked my next move even better.

It got to me and I shoved. Usually, the limp shove in that tournament is AA or KK. I don't do it much with anything else except for certain spots where I know somebody else is going to trim the field. As he telegraphed. Didn't bother him much as he called with JJ. I lost that flip. Had one chip left--a green one. Lol.

Guy raised. I had A7 suited and threw the chip out. Folded to the raiser so I had a chance for a quadruple up and only had to dodge 5 3 (of the same suit). People congratulated me for my perceived (phyrric victory) which invariably meant his 5 hit. The girl told me that was grody. I was fine with it considering how ham-fisted I had played earlier in the tournament. And so what if I was a favorite, even if I won the hand I'd just be exchanging a green for a black and have to win 4 or 5 more flips just to get back to even.

... fairly interesting cash game story to come...


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