Timelion Timeout

Sorry folks, I've been out of town again at a wedding. Taking a break from the timelions to catch up with some stuff but I'll get back to the Vegas trip in short order.

At the wedding in Richmond hung out at the same bar as Ben Wallace. I think it might be owned by his brother (or brother in law). It's in the fan and called Sidewalk Cafe (? Definitely sidewalk something). For some reason, I did not approach Big Ben or challenge him to a poker game. Don't know if he would have tolerated SuperBill as nicely as other NBAers have.

Hard to focus on anything but the Olympics. Michael Phelps is silly. Heard other athletes talking about just watching him is an honor. But they are all nobodies of course... like LeBron James.

Painful soccer paragraph that happens to this blog every once in a while--right now! Skip if you can avert your eyes. I watched Marcelo Balboa singlehandedly moosch (jinx, blackcat) the US Mens Soccer team. Up 2-1 over group favorite "Nederland" with 5 minutes left. Balboa starts talking about how we've qualified for the next round. As two of our top players get their second yellow (therefore missing their next game) Balboa compounds it by saying that was a good thing, because we've won the Holland game, Adu and Bradley can afford to take off the Nigeria game (our last group game) and will be ready for the quarterfinals--rather than carrying a yellow to the knock out stage and risking a second and having to sit out an elimination game it's better to wash the board clean. I'm screaming at him to shut up. Sho nuff, in the third minute of three minutes of injury time, free kick. The Dutch bang in a screamer and painfully the Americans now have to win or tie their last game against Nigeria to qualify. Not only that, we have to do it without two of our best players. Yeah. 2-1 to Nigeria today. Thanks Mooschelo Balboa I hate you.

How about those French SMASHING the Americans in the relay. Okay, I went back to hating the french after that remark, sorry Tony Parker, but after we kicked their butts in the pool I'm over it. I also saw a French boxer vs. a Dominican Republic guy last night. Looked like the "frechie" was trying to surrender as he took a knee. Tony--I couldn't help myself. Although, he wasn't quitting, apparently it was an equipment failure with his chin strap--but that didn't stop the Dominican from jacking him with a right hook as the French dude was wide open on one knee with one arm in the air. Then the ref didn't penalize the guy for the cheap shot. Suddenly, I was rooting for France.


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